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Gas-fired units to be built in Kozienice scheduled to enable green hydrogen co-combustion

Enea continues the construction project in Kozienice whereunder a modern gas-fired CCGT power plant will be built. The unit is slated to replace its coal-fired counterparts approaching the end of their useful life. The project is currently at the stage of a competitive dialog tender. The gas-fired units whose construction is expected to begin in 2024 will enable the co-combustion of green hydrogen, dubbed the ‘fuel of the future.’ 

The project involving the construction of CCGT power units in the Kozienice Power Plant is an element of the Enea Group Growth Strategy calling for ‘Enea’s Green Change’ whereby climate neutrality is scheduled to be attained by the Group by 2050. According to the Strategy, the CCGT power units will be a low-emission source of energy strengthening energy security and supporting the generation of energy from RES during the transition phase.

“The CCGT units in the Kozienice Power Plant represent one of the Enea Group’s strategic investments in the process of our company’s rational transition. Our state-of-the-art units will be ‘H2 Ready,’ which means that they will enable full hydrogen co-combustion. By applying this forward-looking solution based on the use of green hydrogen, we will be able to reduce our emission levels even further,” said Paweł Majewski, President of the Enea S.A. Management Board.

The Kozienice Power Plant plays the role of a strategic unit within the Polish power system. Among the benefits of its operation is the stabilization of electricity supply for the greater Warsaw area. For this reason, our Kozienice plant needs a source of electricity developed on a reliable and solid foundation such as the CCGT technology,” emphasized Lech Żak, Vice-President of the Enea S.A. Management Board for Strategy and Development.

The construction of the gas-fired units scheduled to replace their veteran 200 MW-class coal-fired units is anticipated to bring about numerous advantages for the local community, including an extension of the Kozienice Power Plant’s operation beyond the expected end of the B11 coal-fired unit’s useful life. Not only is the power plant the principal employer for the local community, but it also serves as a valued taxpayer and provider of support for the region’s residents. The Enea Group’s investment in the CCGT technology for the Kozienice-based plant is also expected to accelerate the establishment of a stable energy source, especially when compared to alternative technologies of the future, such as small modular reactors (SMRs).

Enea’s concept for the project calls for two investment scenarios: construction of two power generation units, each with a capacity of approximately 1100 MW, or three power generation units with a unit capacity of approximately 700 MW. The ultimate selection of the technological option will be made as part of the tender procedure.

The project is being executed by Enea Elkogaz, a special purpose vehicle currently running a tender in accordance with a competitive dialog procedure. Enea Elkogaz intends to finalize the procedure and sign the contract in Q4 2023. In parallel to the ongoing competitive dialog, talks are being held with institutions that are interested in funding the CCGT project. To date, their response has been favorable. At present, arrangements are being made in respect of the path for the future connection point to the gas grid and its fundamental technical parameters. According to the project concept, the first new unit is expected to go operational in 2027. A corresponding gas supply contract is anticipated to be signed in Q1 2024.

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