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Enea commences the process of selecting the contractor for the CCGT power units in the Kozienice Power Plant

In line with its Development Strategy the Enea Group is continuing preparations to run a project involving the construction of CCGT power units in the Kozienice Power Plant. Enea Elkogaz, which was formed to execute this investment project has announced proceedings in the form of competitive dialogue. The project concept contemplates two investment scenarios: construction of two power generation units, each with a capacity of approximately 1100 MW or three power generation units with a unit capacity of approximately 700 MW each. The final decision will be made following economic and business analyses and an assessment of the key elements involved in the execution process presented in the offers and the concepts submitted in the course of these proceedings.

The Enea Group is preparing to discontinue the generation of energy using coal in favor of renewable energy sources. This direction is reflected in the Enea Development Strategy. The Group’s consistent transformation also assumes the utilization of generation technologies based on natural gas as a low emission transitional fuel to support and stabilize the operation of RES. CCGT power units should replace the capacity of the Kozienice Power Plant where the operating period of the 200 MW coal-fired power units will draw to an end within the next few years.

We are steadfastly pursuing the assumptions of the ENEA Group Development Strategy. We are striving to achieve climate neutrality while simultaneously harnessing natural gas as a low emission fuel to support our path towards the generation of energy solely from renewable sources. The gas-fired units slated to replace the coal-fired power generation units in the Kozienice Power Plant will have the best available technical parameters. The underlying concept for the construction of CCGT power units is predicated on new low emission sources to stabilize RES as they develop in the initial phase of the Enea Group’s efforts to achieve climate neutrality while providing for the security of the electric power system and our clients”, says Paweł Majewski, CEO of Enea S.A.

The public sector procurement proceedings will comply with the regulations of the Public Procurement Law in the form of competitive dialogue. Competitive dialogue will be conducted in three stages split into general and industrial parts. During the proceedings Enea Elkogaz will qualify three Contractors as eligible to participate in competitive dialogue in accordance with the eligibility criteria and it will provide them with extensive inspection surveys, including the infrastructure located on the site where the new power generation units are to be built. Enea Elkogaz intends to finalize the proceedings and sign the contract in Q4 2023.

“We would like to harness the infrastructure available in the Kozienice Power Plant, as well as the knowledge and experience of the employees of Enea Wytwarzanie in the process of building modern gas-fired power units”. The project involving the construction of new gas-fired sources is proceeding according to plan. These proceedings will make it possible not only to select the most economically favorable bid but also the optimal bid in terms of technological solutions while realistically shortening the time needed to complete such a sophisticated and complex investment. From the very outset this investment project has taken into account Poland’s plans pertaining to the ongoing diversification of gas supply and ramping up its volume - we are in constant contact with Gaz-System. According to the conceptual project the first CCGT power unit will start operating in 2027, or in about 5 years”, emphasizes Robert Niewierski, CEO of Enea Elkogaz.

The final decision concerning the concept to be selected will be made after completing economic and business analyses and the analysis of the technical process planned out in detail. At present, arrangements are being made in parallel to these proceedings in respect of the path for the future connection point to the gas grid and its fundamental technical parameters.

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