wybrany kv duzy warstwy fotowoltaika zajawka

Enea Nowa Energia invests in new photovoltaic projects with a total capacity of approx. 15.5 MW

Enea Nowa Energia launched new projects: construction of photovoltaic farms in Krzęcin, Lubno and Lików. In parallel, the PV farm in Jastrowie is nearing completion. The total target capacity of the farms will reach approx. 15.5 MW. All installations will go live this year.

Enea Nowa Energia, a member of the Enea Group, has launched the construction of three photovoltaic farms. The largest of these projects, Krzęcin, located in Krzęcin township of Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship, will consist of seven photovoltaic generators giving it a total capacity of approx. 6.5 MW. The Likowo photovoltaic farm in Płoty township (Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship) will have a capacity of approx. 1 MW. In turn, the Lubno I and II farms, to be built in Lubiszyn township (Lubuskie Voivodship), will consist of over 9,000 modules designed to provide a total capacity of 5 MW.

“The updated Enea Group Development Strategy calls for the execution of a number of RES projects of different shapes and sizes, united under a common objective of achieving climate neutrality. Year by year, we will consistently increase our generation potential from renewable energy sources,” said Paweł Szczeszek, President of Enea.

At the same time, in Jastrowie, a town in Wielkopolskie Voivodship, the construction of a photovoltaic farm with a capacity of 3 MW is nearing completion. The farm will consist of 7,500 mono-Si panels and already serves as a good example of Enea Nowa Energia’s fruitful cooperation with the local government.

The launch of the Jastrowie farm is scheduled for the first quarter of this year, while the farms in Krzęcin, Płoty and Lubiszyn are expected to go live in the second half of 2022. The general contractor for the Jastrowie project is Enea Serwis.

“Enea Nowa Energia’s new construction projects are in line with the ENEA Group Development Strategy until 2030 with an outlook to 2040. They also demonstrate the mutually beneficial cooperation between our Group and local authorities. Seeing the progress of our talks with other local governments, I am convinced that in the near future we are going to be involved in many new projects based on cooperation between business and local administration,” adds Krzysztof Czaban, President of Enea Nowa Energia.

Enea Nowa Energia is involved in the execution of the “Photovoltaics for each township” program the purpose of which is to invest in the development of renewable energy sources in collaboration with the authorities of Polish rural and urban-rural communities. At the moment, work is underway on the preparation of such projects in collaboration with two local governments in Mazowieckie Voivodship: Gózd township and Zwoleń county.

Enea Nowa Energia, a member of the Enea Group, manages renewable energy sources (RES) projects, including hydropower plants, wind farms, photovoltaic farms and biogas plants. The company’s branches are scattered across Poland, including in Radom, Koronowo, Jastrowie and Płoty.

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