Enea Nowa Energia manages the RES segment of the Enea Group

Enea Nowa Energia, a Radom-based company involved in managing and developing projects based on renewable energy sources (RES), has entered a new important stage of organizational work. Enea Nowa Energia has acquired Enea Group assets previously developed within the RES Segment in Enea Wytwarzanie.

“The company set-up process is progressing in line with the plan we presented when the company’s establishment was announced. Enea Nowa Energia is already in possession of all assets necessary to pursue our strategy of acquiring new sources of renewable energy. We are approaching the completion of organizational work and the commencement of active operations,” emphasized Tomasz Siwak, President of Enea Nowa Energia and Vice-President of Enea S.A. for Commercial Matters.

“We will be an active investor on the domestic arena, thereby increasing Enea’s share in the ‘green energy market’. I hope that very soon our company will become not only a leader in state-of-the-art technologies related to renewable energy sources but also a source of new energy for Radom and its residents,” said President Tomasz Siwak.

Going forward, Enea Nowa Energia, a member of the Enea Group and the second-largest player on the Polish energy market, will manage 26 RES facilities, including over 20 hydro power plants and wind farms across Poland.

At a press conference held in July, Paweł Szczeszek, President of Enea S.A., announced that the establishment of Enea Nowa Energia would be a step in the pursuit of ambitious objectives supporting the Group’s transformation towards a greater use of renewable energy sources and a reduction in emissions.

Enea Nowa Energia will develop its RES assets taking advantage of state-of-the-art economically optimal technological solutions. The company is looking into participation in the development of offshore wind farms and large-scale photovoltaic farms.

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