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ENEA publishes its new Sustainability Report

For the ninth time this year, the Enea Group sums up its activities in another sustainable development report. The report contains a description of non-financial aspects of the Group’s business and activities focused on striking a balance between economic growth and energy security, improving the quality of life and protecting the environment. The Group’s most recent sustainable development report, prepared in compliance with international non-financial reporting standards, is – as has become a tradition – available online.

The report depicts the Enea Group’s responsible approach to each area of sustainable development. In addition to descriptions of the most significant activities pursued in 2019 for the benefit of employees, customers, local development and environmental protection, it also contains extensive lists of regulations applicable to and adopted by each company, forming the Group’s organizational culture and shaping its corporate governance principles. The publication also includes a detailed description of the risks associated with the Enea Group’s business along with a description of how the Group manages them on a daily basis. All this content is supported by numerical data to facilitate the reader’s analysis of the information presented.

“An unchanging element of our approach to business is to act in conformity with the concept of sustainable development. We perform our work in a responsible, transparent and ethical manner, and the Group’s decisions to get involved in any business activity are based on an analysis of the needs of the communities where and for which we work. In our most recent report, we present not only the Group’s activities that are currently underway but also our strategic objectives and specific commitments for the future. Among them is our plan for the transformation of generation assets in the Group, the implementation of which will translate into an increase in the share of energy generated from renewable sources in the total energy mix and a reduction in CO2 emissions,” said Paweł Szczeszek, President of the Enea Management Board.

The report illustrates the most significant capital expenditures and modernization efforts aimed at supporting the achievement of national and European climate goals and adjusting the Enea Group to the EU’s stringent environmental standards. Also presented in the report is a description of activities related to modernization of the Group’s electricity distribution infrastructure, the purposes of which include improvement in the potential of the Group’s network in terms of the collection of electricity from distributed renewable sources.

The document, already available online, describes the organizational culture and values of the Enea Group. Among other topics, it contains a detailed description of the Group’s policy against mobbing, discrimination and corruption, information about the adopted mechanisms of dialogue with employees and trade unions, and a presentation of projects aimed at developing employee competences and providing incentives to boost efficiency. A significant part of the report deals with activities focused on improving the quality and reliability of the Group’s services and initiatives aimed at supporting the economic development of the country and its distinct regions. Separate chapters are devoted to the Group’s numerous social projects, executed in collaboration with various partners. They are focused on the provision of support to initiatives pursued in diverse areas, including education, sports, preventive healthcare and senior citizens.

Once again, in parallel with the publication of the sustainable development report for 2019, Enea has published an interactive version of the Group’s annual report for 2019, which was announced at the beginning of June.

The publications are available online at:

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