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Enea Foundation helps communities affected by the August storm

Enea Foundation donated nearly one million Zlotys to the communes affected by the storms. The money was transferred for the purposes indicated by local governments, among others, for renovations and reconstruction of the infrastructure and public buildings, as well as support of the local Voluntary Fire Brigades. This will enable the VFBs to equip themselves with specialised equipment required to remove the effects of disasters.

The powerful storms that rattled Poland during the night of 11th and 12th August led to huge damages. Many people lost their homes, and the public infrastructure also suffered. The greatest damage was caused in the Pomorskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Wielkopolskie provinces. The reconstruction was needed by over 400 km of power lines, and over 2.5 thousand poles were installed.

On Monday, in Chojnice, local government representatives from the most affected communes, represented by: Stanisław Skaja, starost of Chojnice, Zbigniew Szczepanski, deputy starost of Chojnice, Jolanta Fierek, mayor of Czersk and Witold Ossowski, mayor of Brus, met: Zbigniew Piętka, vice president of Enea, Sławomir Krenczyk, president of Enea Foundation and Andrzej Kojro, president of EneaOperator.

- In August, we did everything to restore power to the affected areas as soon as possible. We did our best and as soon as we could. Therefore, on behalf of Enea’s Management Board, I would like to thank you, the local government and the residents, for their support, kindness, understanding and help – said Zbigniew Piętka, vice-president of Enea for corporate affairs. - Today, when we have been able to rebuild the damaged power infrastructure, we want to help you, too - he added.

- Many residents of the affected areas, our Customers, have lost all the properties of their lives. Over the last few weeks we have talked to the authorities of the most affected communities, and have jointly worked out the details of assistance and funding, because we care and want to help the local communities in the best possible way – said Sławomir Krenczyk, president of Enea Foundation

In the municipality of Chojnice, Enea Foundation subsidized the purchase of fire protection equipment, including a new fire truck, with the amount of PLN 100 thousand.

Enea Foundation donated PLN 100 thousand to the Voluntary Fire Brigade and the local community of Czersk.

In the municipality of Brusy, with the amount of PLN 100 thousand, Enea Foundation will finance the repair of a communal building in Czapiewice, which was damaged by the August storm (renovation will cover, among other things, the replacement of the roof, a part of the external wall and window fitting).

In the municipality of Tuchola, with the amount of PLN 100 thousand, Enea Foundation will finance the purchase of a fire truck for the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Raciąż.

- This is very effective and immediate help. Two fire trucks broke down in Raciąż and we faced  the need to buy a new vehicle. This is a huge, I emphasize huge, money injection and this initiative by the management board of Enea is highly appreciated – emphasised Tadeusz Kowalski, mayor of Tuchola.

- Thank you very much for the excellent cooperation with Enea and the help we received today. I admire the incredible efficiency and speed of action – said Michał Mróz, starost of Tuchola.

In Wielkopolska, one of the most affected municipalities was Borek Wielkopolski in Gostyń district. In the entire region, power lines have been destroyed, depriving over 100 thousand Customers of power supply. The storm did not save houses and forests.

- Thanks to the greatest involvement of our brigades in history, the power supply restoration in Wielkopolska was completed in 10 days. Hundreds of employees of Enea Operator, assisted by third companies, daily from morning to night, almost constantly, were involved in the reconstruction of the power lines damaged by the August power catastrophe – said Andrzej Kojro, president of Enea Operator. - This difficult moment has shown that energy sector is also a service and it does not matter in which company we serve. In such situations we together and jointly care about providing electricity to the citizens and entrepreneurs of our country - he added.

There is still a need for reconstruction of damaged infrastructure. The Tuesday meeting was attended by the representatives of the management boards of Enea, Enea Operator and Enea Foundation in Gostyń (Wielkopolskie Province): Robert Marcinkowski, starost of Gostyń and Marek Rożek, mayor of the town and municipality of Borek Wielkopolski.

- The storms that passed through Poland in August proved to be a great test for local government units, Enea Operator, but also for the citizens. It was a test of solidarity between the institutions. During the removal of the effects of the storms, the starost office passed the test, helping the municipality of Borek Wlkp. and supporting them financially. Now this test is passed by Enea. I would like to thank Enea for this great commitment – said Robert Marcinkowski, starost of Gostyń.

– Our most important task was to restore the power supply, but we also want to help giving financial means to local communities to help them return to normality – said Piotr Adamczak, vice-president of Enea ds. handlowych. - Here, in Gostyń district, the financial support of Enea Foundation will be allocated to the restoration of the infrastructure in  Mickiewicz Park in Borek Wielkopolski – he added.

- Thank you very much Enea Group for the efficient removal of the failures in our municipality. Adam Mickiewicz Park, which suffered greatly during the August storms, will be able to be rebuilt due to today's support. This is a very important place for our residents and the green lungs of Borek Wlkp. – said Marek Rożek, mayor of Borek Wielkopolski municipality.

Assistance will also be provided to the municipalities of Cherniejewo, Damasławek, Krzykosy, Mieleszyn, Nowe Miasto Nad Wartą and Sośno. Money will be donated to the reconstruction of the infrastructure and public buildings as well as the support of the local Voluntary Fire Brigades. The educational campaigns for children will also be financed, e.g. trips under the so-called "green school” (boarding school in the country used for school trips).


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