Balanced development behind growth of a strong resources and energy group

Balanced development behind growth of a strong resources and energy group

17.07.2017 NEWS


Enea Group has published its sixth balanced development report, which is once again available in an interactive electronic version.

The report describes actions and initiatives taken up over the course of the year 2016, which arise from Enea Group’s strategic goals. Readers can get acquainted with data concerning investments which reduce the group’s environmental impact and indicators which highlight the scale and nature of that impact. The document presents the information which describe the potential of Enea Group in terms of employee-employer relations and the scope and nature of systemic changes under implementation which will have a direct influence upon the quality of customer service and the level of client satisfaction.

Interactive nature of the report allows the readers to collate any set of data, analyze and compare such data and visualize it in many different ways. This feature improves access and eases the search for information and is also a byproduct of the ecological approach towards this publication.

We are a stable and strong resources and energy group but this conscious approach towards our role as a supplier of basic necessities and the awareness of the impact of our activities on our surroundings and the economic development of the country make us a truly modern corporation, says Mirosław Kowalik, President of the Management Board of the Enea Group. We are acting responsibly, we want to grow in a systematic, innovative and balanced way - these are our goals and promise to our social and business partners - Kowalik adds.  

The report describes the activity of 13 companies of the Group. It was created with the participation of specialists from various fields. The report was developed according to the latest GRI G4 standards for reporting of non-financial data.

For the third time, together with the Group’s balanced development report for the year 2016, Enea Group is publishing a marketing version of its annual report for 2016, which has been published, according to regulations, at the end of March.

The report is available on an interactive platform at http://raportcsr.enea.pl/2016/pl  


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