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Enea Operator has signed an agreement for delivery and implementation of the Central Application for the Measurement Information Acquisition System

Enea Operator has signed an agreement for delivery and implementation of the Central Application for the Measurement Information Acquisition System The application will ultimately be the sole IT system at Enea Operator, which will acquire, process and store all data related to widely understood measurement information.

The contractor was selected in the framework of the limited tender procedure. The agreement was signed with the Consortium, led by NMG SA from Bydgoszcz. The Consortium also includes INDRA SISTEMAS from Madrid and INDRA SISTEMAS Polska. The agreement’s worth is PLN 22 million and foresees the implementation of the application within two years.

At present, Enea Operator processes about 4 million pieces of measurement data monthly, ultimately thanks to the purchased system it will be able to process up to 7 billion pieces of information within one month.

- The solution implemented by Enea Operator will bring benefit to many stakeholders, including the Company's Customers. Through the on-line portal, interested users will have access to their readings with the possibility to analyse electricity consumption in different configurations, and select a tariff optimal for their needs based on the resulting structure of consumption. Ultimately, the system purchased by Enea Operator will also work with the Central Information Exchange System (CSWI) – said Andrzej Kojro, president of Enea Operator.

The application will collect information from various sources, from the so-called smart meters, measuring systems installed at industrial Customers as well as from readings made by collectors using mobile devices. The acquired and processed data will be further distributed to other IT systems such as: SCADA, Grid Information System or billing and used there, for example for billing purposes.

The implemented system will also manage the handling of approximately 2.5 million measuring systems from the moment the meter is accepted to the warehouse until it is decommissioned.

Enea Operator plans that in the future the application will use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification system) devices. In addition, this application will also be part of the implementation of smart metering (AMI meters) planned by Enea Operator. The main purpose of its implementation is the unification, improvement and automation of processes responsible for the acquisition and management of measurement information and the operation of measuring systems. The soon-to-be-deployed system will also allow the company to diagnose the network. On the basis of the measurement information received, for example, a malfunction may be detected.

The new system will also be responsible for monitoring data from balancing meters and data from the plant controller, modem and power supply. Thanks to this solution the company will remotely receive information about the fuse of the low voltage circuit, lack of voltage in the station, voltage asymmetry, burglary to the station, etc. The system will also be responsible for the technical calculations resulting from the data obtained from stations transforming medium voltage to low.

The Central Application of the Measurement Information Acquisition System is a complete system that will replace many other IT systems used in Enea Operator. It will allow to optimally manage the resources held by the company and manage billions of collected and processed measurement information.


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