New tariffs for individual Customers

The President of the Energy Regulatory Office approved the tariffs of Enea and Enea Operator for the next year. The distribution tariff was reduced by 1 per cent,  and Enea’s tariff, as the so-called nominated vendor, covering the price of energy for Customers from G groups, by 0.7 per cent. It means the average drop in the total expenditures of households by ca. 0.9 per cent.

Reduction of the seller’s tariff stems from decreases in electricity prices on the market which relate mainly to lower costs of purchasing proprietary interests following from renewable energy sources. Distribution fees will be also reduced, despite a growth of the so-called quality factor included in them and occurrence of a new obligation, the so-called RES charges. It became possible due to the optimisation of Enea Operator’s costs.

- In the present situation a slight correction of tariffs is a natural decision on the energy market. In our motion to the Regulator we proposed exactly the same solution. It is tariffs’ nature that they respond to price changes - once up and once down, depending on variable costs - comments Grzegorz Kinelski, vice-president of Enea.

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