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Watch the film from Enea's power plant made by Discovery Channel

We have a unique opportunity to see the backstage of the construction of the most modern coal-fired power plant in Poland.  Enea's investment in the new 1,075 MW power unit was filmed in Kozienice by the team of the popular science TV programme - Discovery Channel. The film's premiere on air is planned for 17 December (Thursday).  Broadcast at 8.10 p.m.

The Discovery Channel steam created an almost half-an-hour document titled "How a modern coal-fired power plant is being created". The camera takes us to the places to which only few people have access. The magnitude of the investment may bee seen in aerial photography. The film will take us to the inside of the boiler being installed, will allow to see the place where the turbine together with a generator is being constructed and will allow to  peep at the inside of the huge cooling tower's chimney which is 185 m high.  We will also get to know that the dimensions of the whole power plant make it visible from the space.

The film explains simply the operation of a modern coal-fired power plant. We will know how Enea's new unit will change the coal mined e.g. in Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka into electric power which will reach our homes.

Discovery Channel is focused on the construction of the new 1,075 MW unit of Kozienice Power Plant and explains how, due to modern technology, pure electricity may be generated from bituminous coal. Experts will discuss this unique undertaking.

The film is a perfect opportunity for a sightseeing trip around one of the largest construction sites in Europe.

On Thursday 8.10 p.m. please be in front of your TVs! 

Enea is a renowned seller, distributor and producer of electricity. It offers its Customers innovative products, takes care for the reliability of supplies of energy to citizens of the north-western Poland and generates ca. 9 per cent of electricity consumed in our country. Recently, the Group was extended with Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka becoming in consequence a modern energy and fuel concern.

While waiting for the première we recommend watching the recent film about the construction of a power unit in Kozienice:


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