Enea headed by Wiesław Piosik

The company's Supervisory Board delegated its member, Wiesław Piosik, to temporarily act as the President of the Board. At the same time, today, the company's Supervisory Board recalled Krzysztof Zamasz from the position of the President and Paweł Orlof from the position of the Vice-President of Enea.

Wiesław Piosik has been connected with the commercial power industry for over 30 years. During 1998-2005 he was e.g. the President of the Board of Energetyka Poznańska, and after consolidation - Vice-President of Enea. He holds a vast experience in supervising joint-stock companies in fuel and energy sectors, banking and IT. Recently, he has managed private companies from the area of energy distribution and renewable energy sources. He is a graduate of Poznań University of Technology, completed studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, majoring in electrical engineering with the speciality in: power engineering.

Wiesław Piosik was delegated to act as the President of the Board of Enea until a new President of the company's Board is nominated.

More information:
Current report No. 59/2015,  7.12.2015 Changes in the composition of the Management Board of Enea SA

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