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Enea Group releases its ESG report for 2022

The Enea Group has published its latest ESG report presenting subsequent steps and actions towards achieving climate neutrality. In the document recapitulating the progress made in 2022, the leading Polish utility company describes the outcomes of its endeavors aimed at curtailing the impact of its operations on the natural environment while amplifying its favorable impact on the social environment. The publication describes the solid groundwork for the Group’s sustainability pursuits and actions taken in response to the emerging challenges, such as Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine.

In line with the ESG report for 2021, the focal point of reference for the most recent edition of the report is the “Development Strategy of the ENEA Group until 2030 with an outlook to 2040.Its pursuit, consistent with the goals of Poland’s energy transition, is aimed at enabling the Group to attain climate neutrality by 2050, while continuously increasing in value. The report also pays much attention to the development of own renewable energy sources and the indispensable expansion and upgrade of distribution grids, all in the broader context of “Enea’s Green Change”, as manifested in the ongoing research and development programs and the management of climate change-related risks and opportunities. The descriptions of the activities carried out and of the goals pursued are accompanied by detailed numerical data, in particular those concerning greenhouse gas emissions, partially calculated for the first time in terms of Scope 3.

The report also presents information on the Group’s reactions to developments on the domestic and global front, including in the context of the ongoing energy crisis.

“In this challenging time our task is above all to secure stability of energy supply to our offtakers. We measured up to this task in full. As a socially responsible company we deployed the Government Solidarity Shield whose most significant purpose was to protect Polish citizens against the effects of a dramatic hike in electricity prices. All these efforts were made for Tariff Group G customers, local governments, public institutions and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to be spared the effects of the energy crisis,” emphasizes Paweł Majewski, President of the Enea S.A. Management Board, in his introductory letter for the ESG report.

The war beyond Poland’s eastern border brought about not only turbulences on the power market, but also created a major humanitarian crisis. The Enea Group, hand in hand with the Enea Foundation, got involved in the execution of various humanitarian projects, for instance opened the doors of its recreation and training centers for refugees and actively joined in the process of rebuilding the Ukrainian power system, which became the target of numerous attacks. This area of the Group’s activity in 2022 is also described in the publication.

The latest ESG Report also presents the Group’s approach to managing various areas, its current internal policies, procedures and figures illustrating the effectiveness of its endeavors. The document also presents an overview of the initiatives carried out last year, including environmental investments and social involvement projects.

The Enea Group’s most recent ESG report is available at:

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