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Enea Group’s New ESG Report for 2021

The Enea Group has summed up its efforts and their results in the three key areas of its responsibility: environmental, social and governance issues. The ESG Report confirms the Group’s responsible and comprehensive approach to protecting the climate and sustainable transition as a credible partner striving to achieve climate neutrality.

This publication depicts the Enea Group’s approach to managing various areas, its current internal policies and procedures and figures illustrating the effectiveness of its efforts. This report also constitutes a review of the initiatives executed in 2021, among others, ecologically beneficial investments, research and development programs and social commitment projects. A particularly large amount of space is dedicated to the Group’s most important event last year, namely, the update of its Development Strategy.

The ENEA Group Development Strategy until 2030 with an outlook to 2040 not only confirms the company’s commitment to society and the environment but also extends it considerably. “The task we have set for ourselves is embodied by “Enea’s Green Change” construed to mean the Group’s sustainable transition to enable Enea to grow its value and achieve climate neutrality by 2050. For this purpose, we will continue to increase the installed capacity of renewable energy sources. We are also planning to spin off conventional coal-fired power generating assets from the Group and transfer them to the National Energy Security Agency. The Strategy also assumes that new business lines will be developed, including energy storage facilities, which will be critical for ensuring the stability of RES and for solidifying Poland’s energy security”, clarifies Paweł Majewski, CEO of Enea.

In this publication our stakeholders will find not just a report on objectives that have already been achieved and the results of efforts taken to date but also information regarding planned strategic projects and our stated short, medium and long-term objectives. This report presents long-term schedules: for reducing CO2 emissions and for changing the energy generation mix. The section devoted to managing the risks associated with climate change has been expanded considerably and analyses of climate opportunities have been presented. Enea has also started to report data on indirect greenhouse gas emissions (referred to as Scope 2).

The Enea Group’s ESG report is available at the following address:


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