Current Report No.: 21/2022

Title: Information on the proposed distribution of the 2021 profit
Date: 2022.12.04
Report no.:  Current Report No.: 21/2022

Current Report No.: 21/2022

Date of Preparation: 12 April 2022

Issuer's Abbreviated Name: ENEA S.A.

Subject: Information on the proposed distribution of the 2021 profit

Legal Basis: Article 17(1) of the Market Abuse Regulation - confidential information

Body of the report:

The Management Board of ENEA S.A. ("Company", "Issuer") hereby reports that on 12 April 2022 it adopted a resolution on the proposed distribution of the Issuer's net profit for the financial year 2021. According to the resolution, the Company's Management Board proposes to allocate the Issuer's net profit for the financial year covering the period from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021, in the amount of PLN 460,408,613.85:

- in the part amounting to PLN 442,110,040.96 for the increase of the reserve capital, in order to execute planned investment projects;

- in the part amounting to PLN 18,298,572.89 for the reduction of the negative value of other capital items.

The guiding principle of ENEA S.A.'s dividend policy remains that any future dividend payments will be made depending on the amount of the profit generated by the Issuer and the Issuer's financial standing.

The Company also reports that along with the adoption of the said resolution, the Issuer's Management Board decided to submit a motion to the Issuer's Supervisory Board to present its assessment of the ENEA S.A. Management Board's proposals. At the same time, the Company explains that the final decision regarding the distribution of the net profit for the 2021 financial year will be made by the Ordinary General Meeting of ENEA S.A.

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