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The special-purpose vehicle (SPV) doing business as Enea Elkogaz will develop a project involving the construction of combined cycle gas turbines in the Kozienice Power Plant

According to its Growth Strategy the Enea Group is continuing preparations to run a project involving the construction of CCGT power units in the Kozienice Power Plant. The newly-established SPV doing business as Enea Elkogaz will replace the generation capacity of 200 MW power units with gaseous fuel combustion technology. This is one of the Group’s strategic investments in the process of the power company’s rational transition. CCGT power units will be a low emission source of energy strengthening energy security and providing support to the generation of energy from RES during the transition phase.

The Enea Group is preparing for the gradual discontinuation of generating energy using coal as a source and replacing it with renewable energy sources. This direction is reflected in the updated Enea Growth Strategy published in December 2021.

The project the Enea Group is preparing assumes that the 200 MW power generation units functioning in the Kozienice Power Plant after the period of their exploitation in NABE (National Energy Security Agency) elapses will gradually be returned to the Group, and this capacity will be replaced using CCGT technology and using some of the available infrastructure. The low emission power generation units that are being designed would be set up in the place where the coal-fired power generation units slated to be shut down are located.

2022 will be a period in which the Enea Group will gradually pursue the goals presented in the Growth Strategy Update. One of the Group’s 13 published key directions of growth is conventional energy based on low emission sources, including gas, subject to the caveat of using this fuel as a temporary source of energy on the path to RES. Our project assumes that the new low emission sources will stabilize RES as they develop in the initial phase of the Enea Group’s efforts to achieve climate neutrality”, said Paweł Szczeszek, President of Enea.

“This project also confirms that we are following a reasonable and effective approach to energy transition. We would like to harness the infrastructure available in the Kozienice Power Plant, as well as the knowledge and experience of the employees of Enea Wytwarzanie”, added Paweł Szczeszek, CEO.

The SPV Enea Elkogaz is an important element supporting the execution of our Growth Strategy and facilitating the development of the Gas-Fired Project and work on spinning off coal generation assets from the Group. After implementing the plan to reorganize Poland’s conventional energy sector, this Gas-Fired Project will allow us to replace some of the capacity based on existing infrastructure, while preserving the indispensable guarantees of energy security. We are preparing organizationally to achieve the highest operational efficiency in the Group’s key development areas”, pointed out Tomasz Szczegielniak, Vice-President of Enea responsible for Corporate Matters.

The project involving the construction of CCGT power units in the Kozienice Power Plant is in the pre-investment phase. The conceptual work concerning the selection of technological solutions and economic analyses has been completed. Corporate approvals have been obtained to launch Stage 1, which entails the drafting of Terms of Reference and updating the project’s model including an audit of its financial model.

In 2020 the Enea Group, through Enea Wytwarzanie signed a contract with GAZ SYSTEM to design the connection of the Kozienice Power Plant to the gas transmission network owned by GAZ-SYSTEM. One year later ENEA Wytwarzanie submitted an application to PSE to define the conditions for connecting the new CCGT power generation units planned under the project in Kozienice to the transmission grid of the Polish Power System. At present, arrangements are being made in respect of the path for the future connection point to the gas grid and its fundamental technical parameters that will contribute to selecting the optimum technological solutions.

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