Current Report No.: 12/2022

Title: Information regarding a motion to adjourn the General Meeting
Date: 2022.07.03
Report no.:  Current Report No.: 12/2022

Current Report No.: 12/2022

Date of Preparation: 7 March 2022

Issuer's Abbreviated Name: ENEA S.A.

Subject: Information regarding a motion to adjourn the General Meeting

Legal Basis: Article 17(1) of the Market Abuse Regulation - confidential information

Body of the report:

With reference to Current Report Nos. 1/2022, 2/2022 and 3/2022 of 19 January 2022 and Current Report No. 4/2022 of 21 January 2022, the Management Board of ENEA S.A. ("Issuer", "Company") hereby reports that for reasons remaining beyond the Issuer's control, on 7 March 2022, the Management Board adopted a resolution to request the Chairman of the Company's General Meeting to put forward a motion to the General Meeting to adjourn the Extraordinary General Meeting convened for 10 March 2022 ("EGM") until 8 April 2022 in respect of the vote on the resolutions on the issue of the series D shares. At the same time, the Management Board declares its intention to put to a vote, on 10 March 2022, the resolution on the appointment of a Supervisory Board member forming item 6 of the planned agenda of the EGM.

The Issuer also hereby reports that work is currently underway on the preparation of an investment agreement regarding the potential acquisition by the State Treasury of the newly issued ordinary series D bearer shares.

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