Enea Operator stworzyła pierwszy w historii polskiej energetyki samochód wsparcia Prac Pod Napięciem
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ENEA Operator has developed the first in the history of Polish power industry ancillary vehicle for Live Line Working

ENEA Operator, an ENEA Group company, continues to work on further development of its Live Line Working (LLW) technology. As part of LLW’s continuous improvement process, the company implements innovative ideas put forward by its employees, which improve not only the operational quality of the Company’s distribution grid but also the security and work comfort of its repairs and maintenance teams. The first in Poland special-purpose LLW ancillary vehicle was developed and designed on the initiative of, and in cooperation with, ENEA Operator’s electricians whose daily works involve the LLW technology. Thanks to these state-of-the-art vehicles, the efficiency of all works performed by ENEA Operator’s teams on its distribution grid will further improve, without any disruptive service interruptions for the Company’s Customers.

The body of the LLW ancillary vehicle is designed to improve the quality and comfort of daily work of the teams in challenging terrain conditions. The vehicle was developed not only on the initiative of the employees, but with their active participation throughout the development process, so that the ready vehicle fully meets their daily needs. The LLW ancillary vehicle is equipped with a 180 hp diesel engine. The interlocks of all wheels, as well as of each axle and drive provide for greater mobility in difficult terrain, where many ENEA Operator power lines are located. On the roof at the front, the vehicle is fitted with a winch with a synthetic rope. A mobile trolley system was also installed to facilitate the loading and unloading of medium voltage disconnectors and switches.

Inside the vehicle, there is a fully-equipped workshop with a vice and a set of loading drawers, with easy and unrestricted access through the rear door. The workshop is located in the container at the back of the vehicle, with mounting brackets on the walls for attaching any tools used by the team as necessary. The vehicle also is also fitted with a special box for transporting Cable Lifting Equipment, and a cleaning corner with a water tank, paper towels and liquid soap. Storage space for work clothes and hangers for protective helmets are also provided.

ENEA Operator has been working using the LLW technology for more than a decade now. Over the course of last ten years, the number of hotline maintenance works has increased significantly. In 2019, approx. 78% of all scheduled work on medium- and low-voltage power equipment was performed by the Company without turning off power supply to the Customers. Over the last three years, almost 85% of works carried out on the low-voltage grid were done “live”. In 2019, more than 1,500 LLW maintenance works were performed on medium-voltage overhead lines and more than 60,000 on low-voltage lines.

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