Current Report No.: 22/2019

Title: Notification on the decision to issue bonds under the bond issue programme of ENEA S.A.
Date: 2019.31.05
Report no.:  Current Report No.: 22/2019

Current Report No.: 22/2019

Date of preparation: 31 May 2019

Short name of issuer: ENEA S.A.

Subject: Notification on the decision to issue bonds under the bond issue programme of ENEA S.A.

Legal basis: Article 17 item 1 of MAR - confidential information

Content of report:

In relation to Current Report No. 27/2014 on conclusion by ENEA S.A. ("Company", "Issuer") of an agreement relating to a bond issue programme up to the maximum amount of PLN 5 billion ("Programme"), the Management Board of the Company hereby informs that on 31 May 2019 it resolved on its intention to issue bonds up to the amount of PLN 1 billion under the Programme. It is the intention of the Company to conduct the aforementioned issue in Q2 2019.

The bond offer shall be conducted exclusively on the territory of Poland. The Company plans to offer the bonds pursuant to Article 33 item 2 of the Act on bonds of 15 January 2015 to no more than 149 individually specified recipients. The bonds will bear a floating interest rate. The assumed maturity of the bonds will be 5 years from the date of issue and the purpose of the issue is to refinance the Company's debt.

Detailed terms and conditions of the issue and the final amount of the bond issue will be determined at a later date, inter alia, after taking into account the results of the book-building process among the investors and the situation on the domestic bond market. The final information on the margin and other parameters of the bonds will be published in a separate current report.

Until the date of this current report, the Issuer has issued under the Programme bonds with a total value of PLN 1.5 billion.

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