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Warrning. Przeglądasz artykuł starszy niż rok – informacje w nim zawarte mogą być nieaktualne

New power unit of Kozienice Power Plant commences warranty inspection

Increased energy security of the National Power System, improved efficiency of energy generation and emissivity, and increased generation capacity of ENEA Group are the key benefits derived in the first few months of the operation of Unit 11 with capacity of 1,075 MW. On 7 May, the new unit of Kozienice Power Plant will commence its planned standstill, which will last 21 days. During this time, installation and system inspection will be carried out.

Unit 11 is the largest, most efficient and most modern hard coal power unit in Poland. It was placed in service on 19 December 2017. Thanks to the use of advanced technological solutions for supercritical parameters, as early as in its “infancy” the unit achieves high efficiency, which enables it to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in comparison to emissions from existing units firing hard coal.

– Within the first months, Unit 11 proved to be highly reliable and flexible in its operation. One of the interesting facts is that the maximum capacity variation within 15 minutes amounts to 160 MW. It allows a quick response to the changing demand within the grid said Krzysztof Figat, CEO of ENEA Wytwarzanie.

As planned, on 7 May the standstill of Unit 11 will begin, which is related to warranty inspection. It will take 21 days. During this time, the routine inspection of installations and systems will be carried out, as well as the replacement of filters and oils, calibration and regulation of systems and installations.

– This situation is comparable to the time of testing the performance of a newly purchased car and going to the first warranty inspection, except that in this case it is done on a huge scale, and the solutions applied are unique explained Krzysztof Figat.

The construction of the 1,075 MW unit commenced in 2012. The contractor of the investment project was an executive consortium comprised of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power System Europe, one of the world’s leaders in power generation installations, and Polimex-Mostostal, the domestic leader in the implementation of energy and infrastructure projects. Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Group provided a boiler with coal bins, mills, and combustion process control devices.

The turbine and generator, which are the heart of the new unit, together with components, as well as after-treatment devices, come from the Japanese parent company Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems. Polimex-Mostostal was responsible for key construction, erection and fit-out works.

The capacity of 1,075 MW and high efficiency make Unit 11 a record holder in the history of Polish energy sector. At the same time, it is one of the largest and most efficient installations of this kind in the world. The unit increased the generation capacity of Kozienice Power Plant in Świerże Górne by one third, to over 4,000 MW, which enabled ENEA Wytwarzanie to reach a 13 per cent market share in energy generation in Poland. The new generation unit will extend the power plant’s life by at least 40 years.


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