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Bogdanka has produced its 150-millionth tonne of coal

Lubelski Węgiel „Bogdanka” SA, the operator of the most modern coal mine in Poland and part of Enea Group, has produced its 150-millionth tonne of tradable (enriched) coal.

– Over the last more than 35 years, we have produced in total 150 million tonnes of enriched coal. This round figure perfectly illustrates the scale of our company’s operations and its market position. One should bear in mind, however, that the production of unprocessed coal has been accordingly higher over that time – said Sławomir Karlikowski, acting CEO and Deputy CEO for Production – Head of Mining Supervision in Mining Facility, at LW Bogdanka SA (LWB).

It is another symbolic achievement of the LWB mine. Recently, the company has informed about another record figure – in Stefanów, one of Bogdanka’s three mining fields, the one millionth skip of excavated material was hoisted up the 2.1 shaft. A skip is a special container for vertical transport of raw coal that holds up to 40 tonnes of excavated material, i.e. coal before enrichment in processing plants.

The LWB mine’s present annual production capacity has been reached gradually. Over the last years, the coal production amounted to approx. 9 million tonnes annually. In line with the company’s strategy, in the years 2016-2025 the average annual production will total 9.2 million tonnes. After three quarters of 2017, Bogdanka’s market share in total sales of fuel coal and in sales of fuel coal for professional power industry was 17.7% and 25.5%, respectively.

LW “Bogdanka” SA is the operator of the only bituminous coal mine in Lublin Coal Basin. The company operates three mining fields in Bogdanka, Nadrybie and Stefanów within the Puchaczów V mining area, with the total area of 73 km2.  In the autumn of 2017, the company obtained from the Ministry of Environment a licence to extract bituminous coal from Ostrów field in Ludwin mining area.

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