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Enea Ciepło awarded the ‘NO SMOG’ certificate

Enea Ciepło (of Białystok, Poland) has successfully passed the certification procedure under the System Heat Promotion Programme. The programme was initiated by the Polish District Heating Chamber of Commerce. As a result, the company has been awarded the ‘NO SMOG’ Quality Label and has joined the prestigious group of companies generating safe and clean heating.
- The PreQurs Certificate granted to Enea Ciepło is important not only to us but, first and foremost, to the residents of our city and our Customers. Enea Ciepło received Class A, with the inscription “NE” which translates as “No Emissions” – explained Wiktor Dulewicz, President of Board and CEO at Enea Ciepło. – Our installations generate heat in a more ecological and environmentally-friendly way than domestic coal-fired boilers. Using system heat is one of the most effective methods of fighting smog – added President Wiktor Dulewicz.
Air quality measurements show that even in Podlasie, a province in the eastern part of Poland traditionally known for its clean air and green nature, concentrations of dangerous dust particles are sometimes exceeded. The data of the Provincial Environmental Protection Inspector confirm that the main creators of smog in the capital of Podlasie, Białystok, are domestic furnaces and boilers, and the worst air pollution occurs in detached housing estates.
The ‘NO SMOG’ Quality Label was created by the Institute of Building Emission Certification in Cracow, which developed the first system worldwide to certify buildings for their air pollution emissions based on the method of heat generation applied in them. During the certification procedure, the following parameters are assessed: total suspended particulates (TSP), benzo[a]pyrene (BaP), carbon dioxide (CO2), sulphur oxides (SO2/SOX), nitrogen oxides (NOX) and carbon monoxide (CO).
What makes the PreQurs Certificate even more valuable to the company is the fact that it certifies the environmental friendliness of the system heat produced by Enea Ciepło. In line with the Institute's estimates, the emission of dust particles through heat generation in a CHP plant is 35 times lower compared to a domestic coal-fired boiler – a reduction of staggering 3,500 percent.
– According to the measurements, the emission factors of Enea Ciepło's energy sources are significantly better than those of the local boiler plants – commented President Dulewicz. The certificate obtained by our company confirms this, while the ‘NO SMOG’ label proves that we care about the health of Białystok’s residents and are committed to our fight against smog – emphasised President of Enea Ciepło.
In the capital of Podlasie, heat generated by Enea Ciepło is used by 1,350 customers. Among them are housing cooperatives, public institutions but also private customers.
To date, close to one hundred ‘NO SMOG’ certificates have been awarded. Over 20 providers of system heat from all around Poland have received them. The certification procedure is conducted by a qualified auditor from the Cracow-based Institute, who compiles, describes and compares data on-site, so a separate certificate is granted to each system.

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