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Warrning. Przeglądasz artykuł starszy niż rok – informacje w nim zawarte mogą być nieaktualne

Enea prepares an offer supporting the fight against smog based on a new night tariff

Enea, the leading electricity supplier, becomes involved in the efforts to fight smog. Yet in January 2018 the company is planning to expand its portfolio with a new product promoting the increase in energy consumption in the night hours. Preferential prices of the new offer of Enea are intended to be an incentive to use environmentally friendly electric heating and electric cars.

Enea is working intensively on new elements of the offer that are in compliance with the direction defined in the so-called “tariff” regulation of the Ministry of Energy. The changes concern the newly introduced tariff group in distribution tariffs with lower rates of the variable component of the network fee for household Recipients in the hours between 10 pm and 6 am. Lower rates will be applied for increased energy consumption in the night hours compared to the same period of the previous year.

– The proposed solutions open new business opportunities before Enea, so we welcome them with great interest – said Piotr Adamczak, Vice-President of Enea for Commercial Affairs. – Supporting energy consumption in the night hours should be an impulse to use environmentally friendly electric heating in houses and apartments of our Customers. It also embraces the idea of electromobility. The beneficial influence of the new legal measures on the improvement of air quality in cities is not without significance for us as a socially responsible company – stressed Piotr Adamczak.

Enea is conducting preparatory work for pilot introduction on the market of the new product with preferential prices for electricity used during the night hours. The concept of the product will be to support the increased energy consumption from 10 pm to 6 am. Standard gross energy sale price within the product will amount to 0.2991 PLN/kWh, whereas the gross price for the increased night consumption will be only 0.1731 PLN/kWh. The new product of Enea will complement preferential solutions included in the distribution tariff of Enea Operator approved and published by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) on 16 January of this year. As a result of combining preferential energy prices within the product and distribution fees, the kilowatt-hour additionally consumed at night will be cheaper by ca. 60% than during the day. The offer of Enea is intended to be an incentive for Customers to use electric heating, as well as positively affect the growth of electromobility due to lower costs of charging electric cars at night.

Pilot sales of the new Enea product are planned to start yet in January 2018. In future, the offer aims at starting a new product line at Enea related to launching the sales of modern heating equipment connected with a preferential packet of cheaper energy.

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