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Warrning. Przeglądasz artykuł starszy niż rok – informacje w nim zawarte mogą być nieaktualne

Enea Operator enters into the New Year with subsequent contracts for co-financing investments in Wielkopolska region

Enea Operator ended 2017 by signing three contracts for the community co-financing of very important investments. Thanks to them, two Transformer/Switching stations (GPZ) will be rebuilt in Oborniki and in Górczyn in Poznań. A completely new Garbary power station together with high and medium voltage connections will also be built in Poznań. The total value of projects is almost PLN 46 million. Co-financing from EU funds will amount to almost PLN 27 million.

- As regards the energy security of the whole Poznań agglomeration, it is very important that Poznań will have a new power station. The main purpose of its construction is to increase the reliability of electricity supply. In addition to the construction of the station, which will be built in Ostrów Tumski, also fragments of high-voltage power lines supplying the station and medium-voltage power lines will be rebuilt – said Dariusz Strzelecki, Director of the Planning and Development Department in Enea Operator.

The investment worth more than PLN 20 million will be co-financed from EU funds in the amount of almost PLN 11.5 million.

Poznań is also awaiting a thorough reconstruction of Górczyn Transformer/Switching Station, which will modernise the Station by introducing the latest technological standards. It is also a very important project that will positively affect the energy security of the whole agglomeration. The scope of the reconstruction will include e.g. replacement of transformers, high and medium voltage switching station as well as installation of a modern security infrastructure. The station will also include elements of the so-called smart grid, i.e. an intelligent network that will allow, among others, to increase the efficiency of network management through the installed automation. The completion of both Poznań investments is planned for the turn of 2019 and 2020.

Enea Operator will also take care of improving the energy security of the Oborniki commune. The investment worth nearly PLN 14 million is to be commissioned in mid-2020.

- In recent years, Oborniki and its surroundings have been developing very dynamically. This is mainly related to the housing development being created there and the construction of new housing estates, but also with economic development. The reconstruction of the station is our response to what is happening in this region. Through the reconstruction of the Oborniki Transformer/Switching Station we want to improve the quality and continuity of energy supplies and be ready to connect new customers, both business and individual, to the grid. – said Director of the Planning and Development Department in Enea Operator.

Each of the three investments in approx. 60 percent. will be co-financed from the community funds. Enea Operator by the end of 2017 signed a total of 23 contracts with EU support for investments in north-western Poland for a total amount of nearly PLN 385 million, with co-financing totalling over PLN 246 million.


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