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Enea Group’s new 1,075 MW unit commissioned

Enea Group opens a new chapter in the history of the Polish power industry, putting into operation an important investment for the national power system - a supercritical power unit with a capacity of 1,075 MW gross in Kozienice Power Plant. On 19 December, the investment commissioning certificate was signed, thereby the construction of the unit was officially completed. The most modern generation unit in Poland strengthens the energy security of Poland and Enea Group's position on the market.

B11, as this is the name of the new unit, is the largest investment of Enea Group. The high-efficiency power unit has a capacity of 1,075 MW gross. Thanks to the use of advanced technology solutions for supercritical parameters, the unit achieves efficiency at the level of 45.6%, which allows for reducing the emission of carbon dioxide by about 25% in relation to the emissions from the existing coal-fired units.

State-of-the-art technological solutions in the field of boiler, turbine and generator design for the new unit at Kozienice Power Plant allow for generating the same amount of electricity with less fuel consumption, namely bituminous coal. This allows B11 to achieve the best environmental parameters and optimise the cost of energy production.

The capacity of 1,075 MW, high efficiency of production and high availability of the unit at the level of over 92% make B11 a record holder in the history of the national power industry. The unit is also one of the largest and the most efficient installations of this type in the world. B11 gradually strengthens the generation capacities of Enea Group and the domestic generation sector, thus increasing the state's energy security.

Friendly power for the environment

The unit has been designed to meet the stringent environmental standards introduced in the European Union. Already today, B11 not only meets, but also outstrips the requirements of the BAT directive applicable from 2021. This result was obtained thanks to the use of modern installations, including catalytic denitrogenation of flue gases (SCR), electrostatic precipitator and flue gas desulphurisation plant (IOS) using the wet lime method. The high efficiency of the entire installation is also important in terms of the environmental protection. The new unit of Kozienice Power Plant also saves water – the unit works in the so-called closed circuit. It is possible due to the 185 m high cooling tower. Its task is to reduce the temperature of water used in the closed circulation to cool the entire installation. During the unit's operation, mainly water vapour goes out of this gigantic construction.

An ambitious investment for security

The construction of a 1,075 MW unit was started in 2012, the cornerstone for B11 was laid on 21 November. The contractor for the investment was an executive consortium composed of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH (MHPSE) - one of the world leaders in the field of electricity generation installations and Polimex-Mostostal - the national leader in the implementation of energy and infrastructure investments. Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Group delivered a boiler with coal bunkers, mills, and combustion control devices.

The turbine and generator, which are the heart of the new unit, together with the components and flue gas cleaning equipment, come from the Japanese parent company Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd. Polimex-Mostostal was responsible for key construction and finishing works.

At the peak moment, 3.2 thousand specialists were working at the construction site at the same time. The entire investment was made up of about 30,000 specific tasks. Their precise execution resulted in the fact that today, after many successful tests and trials, the entire complex installation generates electricity. 

Enea Group has strengthened its market position

The new unit increased the generating capacity of the Enea Group to 6.2 GW. Kozienice Power Plant itself increased the installed capacity by 1/3 - to the level of around 4,000 MW. 13 percent of the energy generated in Poland will come from Kozienice Power Plant, the second largest power plant in the country.

The construction of B11 is part of the implementation of the most important assumptions of Enea Group's development Strategy. Along with the successfully completed acquisition of Połaniec Power Plant this year, Enea Group confirms and strengthens the position of the innovative energy and commodity group, the vice-leader in electricity generation in Poland with a key impact on Poland's energy security.

Produced with respect for the environment, electricity from B11 through the transmission and distribution network will reach Polish homes, large and small plants, factories and enterprises. The investment is part of the policy of strengthening energy security and supports the country's economic development.


- The new power unit will increase the energy security of Poland and Poles. This is one of the priorities of our government. Thank you very much, to everyone who was involved in this investment. I am glad that we could have carried out such an important investment for Poland on time.


- In the years to come, the Polish energy sector will face many new challenges related to, among others, the necessity to meet the requirements of the EU climate policy. To this end new investments, among others, in production capacity are necessary. The modern and technologically advanced Enea project in Kozienice is an important element of the energy sector modernisation. Its implementation is part of the energy policy of the Ministry of Energy.


- The commissioning of a modern unit at Kozienice Power Plant for supercritical steam parameters is a special moment in the history of Enea Group. We have completed our largest and technologically advanced investment in the cooperation and involvement of many people, companies, institutions, offices and banks. The new unit of Kozienice Power Plant is an important pillar of Poland's energy security and the Public Power System. B11 proves that we can produce electricity in Poland based on coal fuel with respect for the natural environment. The work and commitment of many people contributed to this success. It is also an example of professional cooperation of all parties. Thanks are due to all services participating in this investment.

Our Group, consistent with the Development Strategy, consistently increases the production capacity step by step. Our new, modern, high-performance unit secures the growing demand of the domestic economy for electricity. B11 is a stable source of electricity using domestic fuel and will be an  important foundation for the energy security of the Polish power sector and the economy.

Kozienice Power Plant is a strategic point on the energy map of Poland. We care for the country's energy security and electricity in the sockets of many millions of Poles. I want to especially thank everyone involved in the project and implementation of investments in individual stages. Due to the excellent organisation, cooperation of many entities, and above all the work of several thousand specialists, B11 generates electricity that supplies our customers. This is our joint, great success.



- B11 is the largest investment since the construction of our power plant. The new unit gives us - as an energy producer and employer - the prospect of being in this location for at least 40 consecutive years. The day of 19 December is the culmination of the hard work of all those involved in the project and proof that the investment was carried out with the utmost care and commitment. I would like to thank you for this effort. We are proud that such a modern unit works in Kozienice Power Plant, and the electricity produced here goes to every ninth Pole.

Today, we are permanently inscribed in the history of the Polish energy. B11 is the first such modern installation in our country, producing electricity from bituminous coal. With this project, we were paving the route for further modern power units that are being built in Poland. Putting B11 into service, we confirm how important for Enea is the mission of a power engineering profession, which is to ensure the availability of electricity. 


- Construction of the unit in Kozienice is a huge project - about 130 buildings on the area of 37 ha, work of almost 25,000 people, over 2,000 tasks in the schedule, 210,000 m3 of concrete, 40,000 tons of steel structures manufactured in Mostostal Siedlce; it is a joint venture of professionals from many countries. The construction and commissioning of one of the most modern and the most efficient energy units in the world has once again confirmed that Polimex Mostostal, as the leader of the Polish construction industry, has the appropriate skills to implement very difficult and ambitious projects.

This is our common success - the success of the consortium of Polimex Mostostal and Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems. Together, we have completed a world-class project. It is a great satisfaction for us that our Capital Group contributes to increasing the country's energy security, while respecting the environment. This is another step in the development of the Polish energy engineering.


- Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) is a supplier of all basic components such as steam turbine, generator, coal boiler and related components, as well as a flue gas cleaning system. It is a great honour for us that we can contribute to the Polish energy system by participating in the construction of unit 11 in Kozienice providing stable and cheap electricity to this beautiful country. During the construction stage, we successfully overcame the challenges and hardships thanks to the sincere support from Enea and all Poles involved in the project.


- Poland is definitely the key market for our company, and successful cooperation with Polish partners under the direction of Enea in Kozienice 11 project is important to us in the context of building a position on the market. Therefore, it was important to start commercial operation as planned. It was possible only with many efforts and great involvement of all interested parties. We are very proud of this state-of-the-art power plant and the work of the teams involved.

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