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Enea Smart – switch to a smart house

Enea has launched a new product - Enea Smart - for sale in all its Customer Service Centres. This is a combination of a comprehensive contract with solutions for a home and flat, which allow to increase the comfort of living. The smart home system will ensure safety and warn against fire, flooding or burglary. The devices available in  
the Enea Smart offer allow to measure electricity consumption by home appliances, and thus facilitate saving.

When choosing Enea Smart, Enea's Customers purchase energy, and simultaneously they gain a package of modern solutions that enhance the security and protect the home against the effects of fire, flooding or burglary, and also allow for a better control of energy consumption.

As part of the Enea Smart product, the company offers its Clients a guarantee of prices and rates of trade fees for three years. Installation and configuration of devices is extremely simple. Thanks to modern plug&play technology, the system will be ready for use right out of the box and after a quick configuration.

- We are an innovative company, which is why we focus on the most modern solutions and offer them to our Customers. We want them to not only enjoy the uninterrupted supply of electricity, but also additional products that enhance their safety, affect savings and increase the comfort of life – said Piotr Adamczak, vice-president of Enea for commercial affairs.

Enea offers three packages to choose from. The Saving package allows you to manage energy, control its consumption and, consequently, offers the possibility of reducing bills. Thanks to the Protection Package, we manage energy, save on bills and keep an eye on our home. The Security Package is a package due to which - in addition to energy management and saving on accounts - we can ensure peace of mind for ourselves and our family. Depending on the package, various devices are available, e.g. a smart plug, motion sensor, door and window opening, smoke or flooding sensors.

Thanks to these devices, Enea's Customers can check the current status of devices on an ongoing basis and manage their apartment from any place. All you need is internet access to make sure your home is secure. The smart plug (Wall Plug) is a switch of electrical devices with energy measurement function. Thanks to the mobile application, Enea’s Customers can turn on devices and monitor their operation, even when away from home. The universal smoke detector also has a built-in temperature sensor that triggers  
an alarm when it detects that it is too high. The household will be thus warned, even if the fire is without smoke. The flooding sensor will inform you immediately about the threat of flooding and sudden raises and drops in temperatures, sending information to the phone.

The entire system is controlled from a special application available for smart phones and tablets with iOS and Android systems. Polish-language software allows for an easy use of smart home devices.

Enea’s offering allows for further expansion of the system with further modules depending on the needs. Enea's Customers will soon be able to purchase products to expand the system at special, competitive prices in the Enea Purchase Zone.

The technology partner of the Enea Smart offer is Fibar Group S.A. The new Enea Smart product is now available in all Enea Customer Service Centres.

- The implementation of the first stage of the new Enea Smart product line is a new challenge on our side - said Piotr Adamczak, vice-president of Enea for commercial affairs. – We do everything to meet and even try to exceed the expectations of our Customers – he added.

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