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Enea to deploy the first electric vehicle charging points in Szczecin

Enea Serwis will deliver and commission the first electric car charging points in Szczecin. The company has won a tender by the Board of Municipal Roads and Public Transportation. Three charging stations will be installed in Szczecin in the first quarter of 2018.

Three companies took part in the tender and the offer made by Enea Serwis was the best one. The company will design, deliver and connect into the grid and activate three quick charging stations for electric vehicles. The charging points will be set up near the Board of Municipal Roads and Public Transit building, the City Hall and the Provincial Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund. They will be the first public charging points in the city, designed mainly for use by institutions of the Municipal County of Szczecin. The residents of Szczecin will also be able to charge their private electric vehicles. For free, at first, based on an access card. All three stations will be commissioned in the course of the first quarter of 2018.

– We have already selected our partner, the producer and supplier of our charging points. It is a company named GARO, whose Polish subsidiary is located in Szczecin. Their charging points are modern, solid and look attractive. They will certainly appeal to the residents and, I hope, will become a permanent fixture  of the municipal landscape. Outside Szczecin, GARO charging stations can be found in Poznań, Kielce, Tri-City , Świnoujście and elsewhere - said Sławomir Bielecki, the president of Enea Serwis.

– The solution that we have proposed makes it possible to quickly recharge electric vehicles - quickly, in this case means that a vehicle will be recharged from zero to 80% in less than half an hour. The system is easy to use and user-friendly - emphasized Artur Pożarycki, the director of Division West, Enea Serwis.

The car pools of public offices in Szczecin already include four electric cars. The city hall is looking at buying additional vehicles and the city has also tested electric buses.

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