Enea Operator podpisała z Ministrem Energii umowy na inwestycje w sieć energetyczną
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Enea Operator and the Minister of Energy signed an agreement on investments in the power grid totalling PLN 100 million

Enea Operator obtained over PLN 70 million of the Community funding for six new projects. Three of them foresee the extension of the infrastructure, among other in order to increase the potential of connecting RES to the grid. Another three include modernisation and reconstruction of over 61 km of power lines as well as the  modernisation of medium and low voltage stations. The projects also include the introduction of smart solutions for power grids. The investments will be implemented in the following provinces: Zachodniopomorskie, Lubuskie and Wielkopolskie.

On Friday, 27 October, in the Ministry of Energy representatives of Enea Operator and the Minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski signed six contracts for co-financing energy investments.,The total value of the projects is almost PLN 100 million and the requested value of the subsidy from the Cohesion Fund is over PLN 70 million.

The projects will cover both the construction of new power grid components and the modernisation of the existing distribution infrastructure at all voltage levels. The grid will be equipped with the latest solutions that will increase the potential for connecting renewable energy sources (RES) to the grid, allow for managing the grid in the perspective of increased dynamics of distributed generation, and significantly improving the reliability of electricity supply to customers.

New solutions will improve the quality and reliability of electricity supply to the citizens of Poznań region (Suchy Las, Szczepankowo, Swarzędz, Czerwonak, Szamotuły, Gniezno Winiary, Piastowice, Września and Fałkowo), northern Wielkopolska (Złotów, Zakrzewo, Lipka, Wałcz, Okonek, Piła, as well as in provinces as Zachodniopomorskie (Szczecin, Gryfino, Goleniów, Maszewo, Nowogard, Dolice and Stargard) and Lubuskie (Kostrzyn nad Odrą and Lubusławek, Wyrzysk, Białystok, Rzeszów, Wieluń, Szydłowo and adjoining communes).

 Three of the six co-financing agreements signed today cover the complete set of seven projects submitted by Enea Operator in the area of smart grids, placed on the List of Strategic Projects for Energy Infrastructure adopted by the Ministry of Energy. Equally important are the contracts related to the development of our grid. They in turn create the potential for connecting RES to the grid, giving added value in terms of, for example, increased reliability of electricity supply  – said Andrzej Kojro, president of Enea Operator.

Enea Operator has received funding for all seven proposed smart grid projects. The projects will be implemented throughout the entire Enea Operator area and will be complementary.  It includes the development of the so-called tracking compensation automation in HV/MV transformer stations, Fault Detection Isolation and Restoration (FDIR) automation, remote control switches and fault indicators within the medium voltage network. The projects also include the construction of several dozen MV/lv transformer stations with on-load voltage regulation from low voltage circuits and the construction of more than 150 km of medium voltage lines. The total value of seven investments is more than PLN 104 million, of which PLN 73.6 million is obtained from EU grants.

To date, Enea Operator has already signed 20 contracts for EU co-financing from national and regional funds. These include investments in high, medium and low voltage grids of the total value of nearly PLN 344 million and co-financing of over PLN 222 million.

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