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Enea Operator restored power supply to 99 per cent of Customers

Enea Operator on the whole area of its operations, through which Xavier hurricane went, switched on almost all the stations transforming medium to low voltage. Over 99 per cent of Customers were connected. All the MV/LV stations are switched on in Wielkopolska and in the Western Pomerania. In the Lubelskie province all the medium-to-low voltage stations will be switched on until the end of this day. Power engineers are still intensively working on low voltage, repairing small local failures on single power lines.

Mobilisation of Enea Operator is in progress; power engineers all the time, from morning till night, work hard in the field. They are now checking the low voltage circuits and turning them on successively. They work in difficult conditions to get the power back to the sockets of all Recipients as soon as possible.

- We have already connected all medium-to-low voltage stations in Wielkopolska and West Pomerania. This is crucial for the next phase of low-voltage repairs. Several hundred brigades of Enea Operator, Enea Serwis and cooperating companies are working continuously – said Andrzej Kojro, president of Enea Operator– We have efficiently and quickly restored power supply to 99 per cent of Customers. It is thanks to the titanic, heavy work of the power engineers in difficult conditions. On my own behalf and on the behalf of all of Enea Operator's Customers, I would like to thank them for their great devotion - said president Kojro.

The Company has been continuously cooperating with the regional crisis management centres since Thursday. - I would like to thank all the Wielkopolska services which had to make a great effort to restore the situation to the situation from before 5 October - said Zbigniew Hoffmann, the governor of Wielkopolska. - It is also a great role of the Employees of the power industry, who in many regions of the province rebuilt the infrastructure. This is a proof that a proper coordination and cooperation between many services is not only possible, but above all works and is a real support for the citizens of our province - added Zbigniew Hoffmann.

As a result of the Thursday's storm in the Wielkopolskie, Lubuskie and Zachodniopomorskie province over 600 thousand Customers of Enea Operator were without electricity. Close to 15 thousand stations transforming medium to low voltage remained without power supply, which is twice as much as after the previous August storm. The most difficult situation was observable in the Lubuskie province.

The Company has so far restored electricity supplies to 3,600 locations throughout the area of its operations. Power engineers continue to work intensively at low voltage to restore power supply as soon as possible.

Good cooperation in difficult conditions of Enea, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne and other distribution companies resulted in the situation that during the first 24 hours after the hurricane power supplies were restored to as many as half a million Customers. The power supply was restored to 38 high voltage lines of 110 kV and in all Switching stations (GPZ). During the next 24 hours, thanks to nearly 900 specialists working in the field, power supply was restored to about 600 thousand households and plants.

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