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Student scholarships and school grants from Enea

Primary and secondary school students coming back from the summer holidays are getting a surprise this year - a scholarship program funded by Enea. Enea Akademia Talentów (Enea Talent Academy) will be launched on September 1, even before the first bell rings, providing financial backing to talented young people and active schools, which support the growth of their charges. Enea's program is sponsored by the Minister of National Education and the Ombudsman for Children's Rights.   

Enea Talent Academy is a program for students and public schools from those parts of Poland where the group is particularly active. This includes above all the north-western provinces, as well as the areas of Kozienice, Połaniec, Białystok and Bogdanka.

- The project is part of our efforts on behalf of balanced growth and social responsibility for the company's immediate environment - stresses Mirosław Kowalik, President of the Management Board. - We want to support the most talented children in the development of their scientific, artistic and sports interests. The Talent Academy will also inspire schools and teachers towards creative work, based on innovative, modern methods and educational techniques - adds Mirosław Kowalik.

The program is addressed to primary school students (from grade five and up) and high schools, with documented achievements, who are developing their talents in sports, science or arts. Public primary schools and high schools located in the area of operations of the Enea Group, which plan to execute projects cultivating the interests of their students, may also apply to be part of the Academy.

Interested students and schools should apply by October 15. Applications can only be made online, at www.enea.pl/pl/akademiatalentow. The jury will select a maximum of 36 students and 30 schools qualifying for the second stage from this pool of applications. In the second stage, students will have to complete a task in which they demonstrate how they will use their scholarship money. The task should inspire others to also apply for scholarships. The schools' role will be to prove that their project will help develop students' abilities and inspire other schools to seek out innovative ways to support talent.

The best candidates will be selected by a jury and by an online vote. The winners, schools and students, will be announced on January 10. Talented young people will get scholarships totaling PLN 3000, while schools will receive grants of PLN 10,000.

I'd like to encourage the children and their parents to participate in our Talent Academy. It is a good idea to already start preparing the applications - collect the awards, diplomas and prizes in sports tournaments, student olympics and arts contests. The teachers can already start planning activities and projects which support the development of scientific, sports and artistic talents of their students, says Mirosław Kowalik.

We have prepared a new project based on the experiences of the constantly growing Enea Sports Academy, which is being used by thousands of young people, says Sławomir Krenczyk, President of the Enea Foundation. We will be motivating the most talented young people towards further work, adds Sławomir Krenczyk.

For more information and contest rules please visit www.enea.pl/pl/akademiatalentow. The project is organized by Fundacja Enea and by Enea SA. Titular sponsors of Enea Talent Academy include the Minister of National Education, Ombudsman of Children's Rights Marek Michalak and the Kujawy-Pomerania School Inspector.

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