We are consistent in building the “power bridge” between Poznań and Gorzów Wielkopolski

The construction of the 110kV power line connection between Poznań and Gorzów Wielkopolski is one of the largest investments of Enea Operator. The Company has just completed another stage of construction of the “power bridge” consisting of high-voltage lines and switched on the 17-kilometre Zielomyśl – Międzyrzecz and 15-kilometre Zielomyśl – Międzychód sections.

– Both 110kV lines have been completely reconstructed from single-circuit into double-circuit lines, which enhances our power distribution capabilities and our emergency response. As part of the modernisation we replaced, among others, the towers and power cables into new 240 mm² ones capable of operating in the temperature up to 80°C, as well as the line insulation into composite one. Such line parameters considerably improve the reliability of power supply and line resistance to external factors, such as the weather  – said Jacek Wieczorek, director of the Planning and Development Department of Gorzów Wielkopolski Distribution Branch in Enea Operator.

The construction of those two sections of the power grid is a consequence of the implementation of Enea Operator’s concept to create a stable connection between Pniewy and Gorzów Wielkopolski including the construction of the outputs of the new 400/110 kV Baczyna station planned by Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne. After completion of all the stages they will become the foundation of power supply reliability in western Poland.

The contractor of Zielomyśl – Międzyrzecz line is Enea Logistyka – Bilfinger FRB – Andar consortium, the contract worth being PLN 10.4 million. The Zielomyśl – Międzychód line has been built by Eltel Network Energetyka for almost PLN 13 million.

In June the Słubice-Górzyca, Kostrzyn-Górzyca and Krzęcin-Dobiegniew lines of the Gorzów region of Enea Operator were also put into operation after their modernisation.

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