Enea Operator will utilise subsidies for investments in Poznań and Chodzież

Enea Operator regularly modernises and extends the distribution network in north-western Poland. The company is actively benefiting from the opportunity to acquire EU funds for network investments. At the end of June Enea Operator signed another two co-financing agreements, this time with the Oil and Gas Institute. They assume three important investments in Wielkopolska - two in Poznań and one in Chodzież.

- Due to the signed agreements, our company will rebuild two stations transforming high to low voltage and one will be built from scratch. In Poznań, a new, indoor TowarowaTransformer/Switching Station (GPZ) will be built, along with power lines and medium voltage outlets, and Poznań-Główna GPZ will be thoroughly modernised. Both investments will improve the conditions of supplying power to Poznań. Their total value is almost PLN 40 million, of which more than 25 million will come from the EU co-financing – said Magdalena Kuczyńska, the head of the team dealing with the Community funds obtaining in Enea Operator, about Poznań investments.

In Chodzież the company will rebuild Chodzież GPZ which will increase the energy security of the city and the municipality. The modernisation will take about PLN 12 million, over PLN 7 million will derive from the EU funds.

Both Poznań and Chodzież projects foresee also the implementation of a series of the so-called smart grid which will increase the ability to control the work of the grid.

The co-financing agreements were signed with the Oil and Gas Institute in Cracow as an Implementing Institution under Measure 7.1 Development of Intelligent Storage, Transmission and Distribution Systems for the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme 2014-2020. The purpose of both projects is to ensure the security of electricity supply to Enea Operator's customers in the given area.

Currently, Enea Operator has already signed 12 contracts with EU funding. These include investments totalling to over PLN 214 million and co-financing of  ca. PLN 130 million.

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