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10 years of Enea Operator’s operations - growth of the power grid in north-western Poland

Enea Operator was established 10 years ago, pursuant to the EU directive on the separation of electricity sellers from distributors. The company is one of four largest operators of the distribution system in Poland and operates on the area of north-western Poland. Today, Enea Operator manages over 100 thousand km of power lines on the area of over 58 thou. km2 supplying electricity to 2.5 mln Customers.

For 10 years now, Enea Operator has invested over PLN 7 billion in the grid infrastructure, modernising and constructing new Transformer/switching stations, high, medium and low-voltage lines, and also transformer stations or management systems for grid assets and traffic in the distribution network.

– All we do is for our 2.5 mln Customers. We take care for the energy security of Polish families and the Polish industry. We have shortened the duration of interruptions in electricity supplies by 50% for the last 10 years. Our plans for the future include further development of the power grid and modernisation of its existing sections - these will be next well-spent billions of Zlotys – said Andrzej Kojro, president of Enea Operator.

This year, Enea Operator has started the newest and most modern Power Dispatch Centre in Poland which will manage the high-voltage grid in the whole north-western Poland. Such an organisation of traffic services will enable a flexible, quick and comprehensive response to the events occurring on the whole length of 110 kV grid belonging to Enea Operator. The investment will contribute to guaranteeing the continuity of electricity supplies to Customers.

For the last 10 years the company has modernised or constructed from scratch several dozen Transformer/Switching Stations, i.e. large stations transforming high to medium voltage. This way Enea Operator has directly contributed to the development of the north-western Poland through increasing the capacity of connecting new Customers and development of special economic zones.

– Each company is people, therefore on the 10th anniversary of Enea Operator I wish to thank all Employees, the existing ones and those who have already retired. For their commitment and loyalty. For good energy and innovativeness, so much needed currently in Poland – underlined president Andrzej Kojro.

Enea Operator supplies almost 18 mln MWh electricity to around 2.5 mln Customers. The company holds 121.3 thou. km distribution lines with connections and ca. 37.5 thou. transformer and switching stations. Enea Operator’s area of operations covers six provinces: wielkopolskie, zachodniopomorskie, kujawsko-pomorskie, lubuskie and a small part of dolnośląskie and pomorskie province.

Enea Group is a vice-leader of the Polish power market as regards electricity generation. It manages the complete value chain on the electricity market: from fuel, through electricity generation, distribution, sales and Customer service. It is responsible for safe supplies of energy to 2.5 mln Customers.

Enea Operator owns the distribution network in north-western Poland (ca. 1/5 of the area of Poland). In whole Poland, the Group employs ca. 15.7 thousand Employees who create the innovative commodity and energy group. Two important system power plants belong to the Group: Kozienice Power Plant and Połaniec Power Plant. Enea Group includes also Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka - the mine is the major supplier of the commodity to power plants belonging to the Group. The Group’s operations include also heat energy engineering in plants in Białystok, Oborniki and Piła.

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