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Enea Operator a partner of Zielona Góra Energy Cluster

Enea Operator became a partner of Zielona Góra Energy Cluster It is a joint initiative of the city of Zielona Góra, University of Zielona Góra and local companies operating mainly within the Lubuski Technological and Industrial Park. The Letter of intent on the  establishment of the Cluster was signed by nine entities, including Enea Operator and Enea Innovation.

The undertaking foresees the establishment of the entity orientated mainly at innovations and improving the competitiveness of companies operating in this part of the Lubuskie province via enhancing their energy efficiency. One of the goals of the cluster is also enhancing the reliability of electricity supplies and development of a local smart grid system which will be finally included in the smart city - Zielona Góra concept which is being developed now. The implementation of these goals will require a close cooperation between members of the Cluster and Enea Operator, as the operator of the distribution system. The Cluster coordinator of Mazel S.A.

Currently, the Cluster Coordinator, together with Enea Operator, works on the model of a local smart power grid. Enea Operator will also need to build new power supply lines for the Lubuski Technological and Industrial Park in Stary Kisielin along with the new  transformer/switching station.

Initiators of the cluster count that the project - as pioneering in the Lubuskie province - has a chance of obtaining financial support for the establishment of a fully innovative, modern smart grid allowing for an efficient energy economy management on its area.

The developers of the Zielona Góra Cluster wish to jointly build a strong, efficient and environmentally friendly energy system in the southern part of the Lubuskie province.

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