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Enea joins the electromobility development cluster

Enea Group became another member of the cluster entitled "Polish Electric Bus - electromobility supply chain". Due to the collaboration of companies from the motor and energy sectors they will accelerate the research and development works and implementation works within e-mobility.

"Polish Electric Bus - electromobility supply chain" was developed on the initiative of Solaris in November last year. The following companies undertook the cooperation: EC Grupa, Ekoenergetyka Polska, Impact Clean Power Technology, Medcom, Instytut Napędów i Maszyn Elektrycznych KOMEL, SKB Drive Tech and AGH University of Science and Technology, Poznan University of Technology and Warsaw University of Technology. Solaris is the leader of the undertaking. Now, the team was joined by Enea Group which is the leader of the Polish energy market.

- We count that thanks to the new partner our research and development and implementation works will accelerate. Due to the cooperation with an electricity generator and distributor we obtain new possibilities, e.g. as regards testing electric buses and their charging possibilities – says dr inż. Dariusz Michalak, vice-president of Solaris Bus & Coach S.A.

- Engagement in the electromobility development is one of our major strategic goals and related innovative solutions are to be the basis for building the Group's mid- and long-term potential and position. As a vice-leader of the Polish electricity generation market we see a great chance in the electromobility development. Joining the team of universities, scientific institutions and enterprises, we will intend to use our knowledge, experience and ideas which will contribute to the joint development of innovative technical solutions in this area  – said Mirosław Kowalik, president of Enea.

The goal of the cluster is cooperation for electromobility development, in particular e-buses and components used for their construction, which will be based on technical solutions elaborated in Poland. Development works relate in particular to: drafting the dedicated structure of a city bus for electric vehicles, energy management in order to improve the operation of electric vehicles, enhancement of technical parameters of electric drives and energy storage systems, development of innovative methods of battery charging, elaboration of new standards in the area of engineering staff training on e-mobility. Owing to Enea joining the cluster it will be so able to develop system solutions within the establishment of eclectic vehicle charging infrastructure.

- As seen from the electroenergetic sector the anticipated development of electrical vehicles will affect the growth in demand for electricity and future operation of the power system. Enea as part of "Polish Electric Bus - electromobility supply chain" may deal with the issue of charging infrastructure, batteries and energy management  – added president of Enea.

As part of the cluster its members will have a possibility of realising joint projects and undertakings whose details will be determined individually. The projects may be realised both from own funds and using the funds obtained from various sources.

- We do not hide that we extremely count on the financial support from the programmes which are announced by the government as part of the e-bus project and associated actions. As a Polish enterprise with the greatest experience in Poland in building and sale of electric buses, together with our partners we guarantee an efficient use of these funds and an effective commercialisation of developed solutions – added Dariusz Michalak.

Members of the cluster do not rule out the possibility of its being joined by other companies operating in the e-mobility field.

Solaris has sold so far already over 120 electric buses, which are driven e.g. in: Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Poland. In 2017 a Solaris electric bus was chosen the best bus of the year in a prestigious international competition entitled "Bus of the Year".

Enea is one of the four energy companies which incorporated ElectroMobility Poland company last year. The operations of ElectroMobility Poland are to contribute to the creation of the electromobility system in Poland. The company announced a competition for an electric vehicle in mid-March 2017. Its objective is selection of 5 best concepts of an urban electric vehicle which may be manufactured for commercial purposes. The open competition will present five winners of the project of a Polish e-car bodywork. The winning concepts will be the basis for prototype production. 

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