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Enea Operator constructed a new major link in the energy system in Wielkopolska region

In Śmiłowo, Piła district, Enea Operator launched a new Transformer/Switching Station (GPZ). The objective of building a modern power station in northern Wielkopolska region was covering the growing demand for power and improvement in the energy security of the area. The value of the investment was PLN 10 million.

GPZ Śmiłowo is a completely new power station transforming energy from high to medium voltage which was built from scratch. It means that the Wielkoposkie province gained a new, very important link, enhancing the energy security of the whole region.

– The most important benefit of constructing GPZ Smiłowo, apart from a better quality and reliability of electricity supply, is providing the region with possibilities of economic development. Due to the investment both the existing plants and those newly created will be able to take advantage of the additional connection capacity. The better quality and reliability of electricity supply will be felt also by citizens of the region – explains Andrzej Kojro, president of Enea Operator.

The general contractor of the investment was Elektrobudowa from Katowice which performed the agreement concluded in October 2015 in the turnkey system in a slightly more than one year. Technical acceptances were conducted at the end of 2016 – It is an extremely efficiently realised investment. It would not be possible, had it been for a very good cooperation with the representatives of local self-governments, mainly from Kaczory Municipality and Piła District Office, to which I would like to say a sincere “thank you” - president of Enea Operator added.

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