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Over PLN 250 million funding for investments within the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme until 2020 for Enea Operator

28 December 2016 Enea Operator and the Ministry of energy signed the first three agreements for financing the investments out of the Community funds. The value of the projects is over PLN 67 million. The obtained funds totalling to almost PLN 37 million will be allocated to the development of the distribution network, increasing the available  connection capacity, among other things for RES generators and Prosumers and also a growth in the energy security.

Until the end of 2016 Enea Operator will sign another 3 agreements on funding within the measure: Development of electricity and gas smart storing, transmission and distribution systems. The value of the projects reported within this area is almost PLN 50 million, of which over PLN 33 million will be the Community funds.

In the first half of the next year it is planned to sign next 18 agreements for funding the investment out of the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme (POIiŚ). The obtained funds will be allocated to the construction and reconstruction of the grid enabling connecting RES generators and also the development and implementation of distribution network automation on medium and low voltage. The total value of 18 projects is almost PLN 300 million. The funding will oscillate around 60 per cent.

– The projects, for funding of which we are applying, vary. Due to the undertakings the company will increase the potential of connecting large sources of RES to high voltage grids. The connection possibilities for distributed sources, Prosumers, which feed the electricity to lower voltage grids will increase as well. Implementing smart distribution systems will also increase the energy security and reliability of electricity supply to citizens and entrepreneurs from our area of operations. The infrastructure development will allow for the establishment of new, local initiatives – said Marek Szymankiewicz, vice-president of Enea Operator for Grid Infrastructure.

– We invest around a billion Zlotys annually in the distribution network. However, the needs are still great, therefore in October this year we lodged motions with the Ministry of Energy for extending the List of Strategic Projects with next 17 projects – added vice-president Szymankiewicz.

Notwithstanding the participation in support programmes realised on the national level, Enea Operator applies also for co-funding its projects as part of Regional Operational Programmes in the provinces on their respective areas of operations.

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