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Enea Operator finalises strategic investments in Wielkopolska region

2016 is a very intensive period for Enea Operator as regards investments. The company allocated over PLN 900 million for that purpose, of which over PLN 300 million for investments in the power grid in the Poznań division. In the last weeks of the year Enea Operator finalised five projects of a strategic importance for Wielkopolska region: a switching station near Sieraków and four high voltage lines.

Sieraków transformer/switching station (GPZ) located in Grobia village near Sieraków was modernised. One of the reasons for the modernisation was the addition of 110 kV high voltage field in order to connect a large Customer. The investment will enhance energy supply continuity and energy security in the region. It will also guarantee proper electricity supply which will contribute to the development and increasing the investment attractiveness of Sieraków municipality and its neighbourhood. Enea Operator’s investment value is PLN 2.3 million.

Enea Operator has also reconstructed four very important high voltage lines in Wielkopolska region. Modernisation of Miłosław - Środa Wielkopolska and Szamotuły - Wronki lines cost a total of PLN 18.4 million. The tasks included the construction of new lines replacing the existing ones which were built as far as in the sixties. On two ca. 18 km sections new cables were used and all the poles with foundations were replaced, as a result of which the line’s capacity grew over three times. The modernised lines will considerably improve the quality of supplied electricity and increase the possibility of connecting new objects to the grid, e.g. in Szamotuły, Wronki, Obrzycko, Środa Wielkopolska or Miłosław municipalities.

The reconstruction of Leszno Gronowo – Włoszakowice and Włoszakowice – Wschowa overhead high voltage lines which has just finished is of a special, supra-regional importance. Enea Operator’s both lines are linked with the line belonging to Tauron Dystrybucja, and will supply KGHM Polska Miedź plants. KGHM is one of the largest mining enterprises in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. In relation to the implementation of this project Enea’s and Tauron’s distribution companies concluded an agreement which was to properly coordinate the investing actions within increasing the reliability of the grid supplying electricity on the borderline between the operators. The agreement foresaw e.g. a complete reconstruction of the above mentioned lines as the key elements of 110 kV line route joining the south Wielkopolska region with the northern part of Lower Silesia.

– When it comes to the grid modernisation, upgrading and development we are finishing a very good year. These activities may substantially affect the improved energy security in the whole region. On the area of the Poznań branch of our company we allocated over PLN 300 million to that objective. It is also worth mentioning that this year we have realised as much as 15 per cent more contracts relating to connecting  new customers to the grid  than in the previous year. We may say that during the recent months we have crossed the Ts and dotted the Is finalising very crucial projects. We also have ambitious plans for the last days of this year – said Jarosław Popowski, the director of Poznań Distribution Division in Enea Opearator.

On the whole area of its operations, Enea Operator allocated over PLN 900 million to this year's investments.

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