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Enea Operator started four modernised switching stations in Zachodniopomorskie province

Enea Operator for the first time in its history, has formally launched, at the same time, as many as four completely reconstructed Transformer/Switching Stations (GPZ). The total value of the modernised objects: Załom, Niemierzyn, Tanowska and Stargard Wschód is over PLN 32 million. All the stations are located in zachodniopomorskie region.

The ceremony with the participation of the province authorities, local self-government representatives, media and management board of Enea Operator took place in Załom Transformer/Switching Station, where all the four stations were symbolically joined.

The modernised objects of Enea Operator will improve the energy security, electricity supply quality and possibility of supplying energy to new Recipients in Załom and Szczecin Dąbie housing estates, in the northern part and centre of Szczecin, eastern part of Stargard and in Police and Nowe Warpno municipalities –  said Andrzej Kojro, president of Enea Operator during the ceremony.

Modernisation of the objects included e.g. the reconstruction of the high-voltage switching station, construction of new transformers with the installation of new switching stations. All the stations after modernisation are modern objects, fully automated, with a possibility of further extension in case the demand for power increases. It means that Enea Operator created further possibilities of development and economic activation to the regions which are supplied with power from these objects.  

So far, we have invested PLN 1.5 billion in modernisation and extension of our infrastructure in Szczecin area. Our operations are not simply grid reinstatement, but we are creating completely new solutions which should in the future protect the region against the situation which occurred several years ago in Szczecin – added Marek Szymankiewicz, vice-president of Enea Operator for Infrastructure.

The contractor for GPZ Tarnowska, worth of almost PLN 7.9 million, is MEGA-POL. The other Załom, Niemierzyn, Stargard Wschód stations were constructed by Eltel Networks. The value of the three contracts is over PLN 24 million.

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