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Enea’s new Energy+ Photovoltaics offer

Enea prepared a new Energy+ Photovoltaics offer for its Customers.  It includes a comprehensive Customer service along with an audit and selection of an optimum photovoltaic installation which will bring benefits in the form of a quick return on investment. Energy+ Photovoltaics offers also the assembly, support in obtaining the financing and comprehensive service within the contract.

Photovoltaic panels serve to directly change the radiation energy into electricity. Thanks to that the Customer obtains a source of energy. Two conditions are checked within the offer in order to select the appropriate type of a photovoltaic installation which will allow for achieving its highest possible efficiency according to the Customer’s expectations. The partner - HelioExperts, a specialist in solar panels, will supply the installation to the destination, install and start it. The Customer will be also offered assistance in obtaining sources of financing, will receive a warranty as well for the installed equipment and post-warranty service. After the photovoltaic installation is started its user becomes a Prosumer to whom Enea will provide comprehensive services within the product offer selected for the Customer. 

- Deciding on concluding the contract the Customer will fully benefit from all the advantages of Energy+ Photovoltaics offer. Within Energy+ Photovoltaics offer we provide consultancy services, project preparation, supply and installation of a complete system of photovoltaic panels. We provide a comfort of service, but also take care for our Customers and thus, within the offer, assist in managing all the formal issuessays Bartosz Zieliński, Sales Department director in EneaEnergy+ Photovoltaics offer was prepared in such a way so that the Customer may not only quickly know the benefits from the investment in solar panels but also receive professional assistance in the selection of solutions which are the best for them – added Zieliński.

Energy+ Photovoltaics offer is already available. Currently, the offer is dedicated to Customers from Enea’s distribution area. All the interested persons may arrange a private photovoltaic audit which will be performed by HelioExperts professionals. Professionals will come and analyse the technical conditions at no additional cost. They will select the appropriate installation and present the cost simulation. Apart from drafting the project, they will also calculate the rate of return on investment.

Details are available on the website www.enea.pl/pl/dladomu/oferty-dla-domu/fotowoltaika

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