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Enea Operator has already implemented the current investment plan in 90 per cent

Continuous investments of distribution companies in the infrastructure and its development will enhance the energy security, continuity and quality of electricity supplies and enable connecting new Recipients to the grid. As at the end of October, Enea Operator managing the distribution network in north-western Poland realised 90 per cent of its 2016 investment plan. Currently, the company is implementing around 100 projects on high voltage and several thousand ones on medium and low voltage.

In the first half of December Enea Operator will celebrate the opening of four new Switching Stations in zachodniopomorskie province. Last week, the company informed on the completion of four strategic line investments. One of them is the construction of 26 km section of a double-track high voltage line, being the element of the largest grid investment of the company, i.e. the construction of Morzyczyn - Drawski Młyn line. The line under reconstruction is over 137 km long and the total value of the investment is almost PLN 130 million.

Currently, we are implementing around 100 investment tasks on high voltage. Their scope, and thus the size, is obviously diversified. However, it depicts the efforts put by the Employees of our company into the implementation of the so-called “large investments”, so that the high voltage grid satisfies the expected quality guaranteeing reliable electricity supplies to our Customers – said Dariusz Strzelecki, director of the planning and development department in Enea Operator.

Tasks on medium and low voltage may be counted in thousands. We are implementing investments related both to connecting Customers to the grid, enhancing reliability of supplies, and also infrastructure saturation with the so-called smart grid elements. Speaking straight - we are preparing our grid to change its nature, from the one focused on energy distribution to Customers, into a modern one, taking into account the significant development of distributed generation, or local initiatives being energy clusters or cooperatives – added Dariusz Strzelecki.

The company allocated a total of over PLN 900 million for the implementation of this year’s investments. Enea Operator constructed over 250 km high voltage lines and five high voltage power stations of a strategic importance. Until the end of this year, the Operator plans to commission two more stations of this type, including one constructed from the scratch.

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