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Polski Holding Nieruchomości and Enea commence cooperation

Polski Holding Nieruchomości and Enea commenced cooperation within sales of electricity by Enea to properties belonging to Polski Holding Nieruchomości Group. The cooperation will be beneficial for both companies. Polski Holding Nieruchomości will save on the purchased electricity and Enea will gain a large and stable customer. The companies executed a contract in the exhibition hall of the Polish National Foundation during the Economic Forum in Krynica.

Polski Holding Nieruchomości, for cost optimisation, conducted the tender procedure for a seller of electricity to properties belonging to Polski Holding Nieruchomości Group. As a result of the procedure the best price offer was selected which was submitted by Enea.

The companies concluded a contract for electricity sales for the term of over 3 years, i.e. until 31 December 2019. The document was signed during the Economic Forum in Krynica in the exhibition hall of the Polish National Foundation. Polski Holding Nieruchomości and Enea belong to 17 the largest Polish enterprises which are founders of the Polish National Foundation.

We are happy that as a result of the tender procedure conducted by us we will commence cooperation with Enea. We estimate that the change of the electricity seller to the properties incorporated under Polski Holding Nieruchomośći Group will allow us to save the total amount of ca. PLN 5.5 million in the term of the contract. At the same time, we are commencing cooperation with another State-owned company whose offer was subject to the same consideration as any other and proved to be  economically the best – said Maciej Jankiewicz, President of the Board of Polski Holding Nieruchomości. 

We are gaining a permanent and stable business Customer with a great potential. Selecting our offer proves that our continuous efforts within increasing efficiency and sales process optimisation give proper result and we are able to offer an attractive price to partners which goes in hand with high standards and service quality – said Mirosław Kowalik, President of Enea.

I believe that the signed contract will make our companies closer and give an impulse for cooperation in other fields and implementation of common initiatives, also those within the energy efficiency which may bring further benefits to both companies  – emphasised Mr. Kowalik, the President.

Electricity will be supplied by Enea to over 500 consumption points located on the properties belonging to Polski Holding Nieruchomości Group.

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