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Press release on the investment being construction of the power unit in Kozienice Power Plant

The investment in the construction of a highly-efficient 1,075 MW unit in Kozienice Power Plant is a priority in Enea Group, therefore we are supervising and monitoring the project’s implementation on a continuous basis.

During the project’s implementation some elements were postponed within the internal schedules for particular stages. In relation to that we obliged the Executive Consortium (Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe and Polimex-Mostostal) to submit information on a potential impact of partial postponements in internal schedules on the contract completion date.

Today, we have received a proposal of the updated Contract Completion Schedule from the Consortium with a proposal of postponing the date of 1,075 MW unit commissioning from 21 July 2017 to 19 December 2017.

The proposal of the investment’s completion date postponement results from technical and organisational issues presented by the Consortium.

The Schedule submitted by the Contractor shall be analysed, pursuant to the agreement in force. The analysis shall relate in particular to the presented reasons for postponing the completion date, efficiency of the proposed corrective actions and consequences resulting from postponing the date of the Investment completion.

The execution of so technologically advanced and complex project as the construction of the 1,075 MW unit requires a close cooperation of the Client with the Executive Consortium as regards the arrangements and proper monitoring of the work progress. Expecting determined actions in the implementation, we offer the Consortium a close cooperation and support in various issues relating to the organisation of the construction process.

The unit’s construction is already very advanced. The whole investment, comprising ca. 30 thou. detailed tasks, is already over 88% progressed.

Currently, intensive works are in progress related to the completion of the assembly of the technological installations on the construction site. Recently, another important task was successfully completed on the unit’s construction site. The first powering from the reserve and start-up transformer in the switching station of Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne was performed - 110 kV voltage was fed. Preparations to this important moment lasted for several weeks and required numerous tests. This event was very important for the project implementation. The voltage feeding opened the way to the test start-up of particular technological installations of the new unit. The starting of the first installations will occur already this year. Additionally, until the end of December, the assembly and start-up of Water Preparation Station, Compressed Air System and railway wagon tippler enabling coal unloading will be completed until the end of December. Coal mills are ready in the new unit and the final assembly of stacker-reclaimers is being performed.

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