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The key investment in the Polish energy sector implemented on the schedule

Enea constructs a modern unit with the capacity of 1,075 MW gross. The construction is already realised in 70%, which makes it currently the most advanced investment in the Polish power sector and at the same time a good example of utilising the latest available technology solutions. The power has been flowing from the new unit for two years now, after just 58 months of construction. Due to advanced technologies the modern unit will have a small impact on the environment and concurrently will have a great impact on the energy security of the whole Poland.

The investment is on the schedule. What is very impressive is mainly an almost 186 metres high evaporating tower, which is being painted now. From this perspective the spectacular scale of the undertaking is visible. 

Budowa bloku  11 w Elektrowni Kozienice jesień 2015_8.jpg

Each week brings progress in the construction. Lately, the transformers and cooling water pumps have been installed, the structure of the main boiler house has been cased, and most of all the generator's stator, with the weight of almost 500 tonnes, has been mounted - it is the largest one in Poland and one of the largest in Europe.

The turbine corpus will be placed, coal pulverisers, steel structures of the coal pulveriser facilities and water pumping station, and railway wagon tippler will be installed until the end of the year.

The progress in the construction is presented in the latest film made using drones.

You are invited to see the most advanced investment in the Polish energy sector.

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