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A new HV station and feeding line in Krzywiń in Wielkopolskie province

The completed construction of 110/15 kV station with 110 kV feeding line is another step towards the strengthening the energy security in Wielkopolskie province by Enea Operator. The new transformer/switching station in Krzywiń will improve the quality and continuity of energy supplies mainly in the region of Krzywiń, Osieczna, Gostyń, Kościan and Krzemieniewo municipalities.

The latest technological solutions were applied on the construction of the transformer/switching station in Krzywiń and the high voltage feeding line. The implementation of the investment is related mainly to the growth in demand for power, improvement of the reliability of electricity supplies to the existing customers and significant increase in the energy security of the whole region. The new station will also enable the region's economic activation and development of the residential construction.

The representatives of local self-governments, municipalities and districts which will benefit from the station, and the key stakeholder, Jacek Nowak, the mayor of Krzywiń, took part in the ceremony of opening the Krzywiń investment.

- The talks relating to the development of a transformer/switching station in Krzywiń have lasted for many years. The very investment was realised within slightly over two years from the decision on its construction - Michał Jarczyński,the president of Enea Operator, mentioned during the ceremony of the investment start-up. - Such a short period of realisation stems mainly from the cooperation of the power sector and local authorities. I wish to thank you very much for this joint, efficient operation.

The turning point in the implementation of the project in Krzywiń was signing on 24 April 2013 of an agreement on the cooperation between the local self-government and Enea Operator within planning and construction of the power infrastructure on the area of Krzywiń municipality and conterminous municipalities. Marek Szymankiewicz, the president of Enea Operator, referred to this document.

- I am extremely thankful to all those who contributed to the fact that the agreement turned out to be not only a worthless peace of paper but the beginning of the real and very good cooperation. Only thanks to that today we may stand together in the completed object and commission it during a ceremony. Mr. Szymankiewicz, the president, underlined that the new object guarantees not only the supply of energy according to the current demand, but will be also able to supply more of it in the future. He expressed the conviction that due to such a guarantee Krzywiń municipality and its neighbours will be able to resiliently develop economically and socially.

The investment in Krzywiń commenced in 2014. Enea Operator allocated over PLN 10 million for this goal. The contractor of the station was Elektrobudowa SA.

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