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Join the "Assistant package" business programme

Enea introduces a new product for business customers to the market: Small and medium enterprises, with a fixed price guarantee for electricity, will gain an access to an insurance offer and additional business supportive services rendered by PZU SA, and PZU Pomoc SA and Programme Partners. "Assistant Package" programme is available from 15 October.

The offer is designated for new and existing business Customers of Enea. Apart from the fixed price of energy, making enterprises independent from versatile market prices, entities joining the programme will be able to use mainly the services of an electrician in case an electrical installation failure occurs (24/7), and will additionally obtain an access to:

- free of charge IT services (technical, business, communication), concierge services (hotel booking, organisation of conference trips, organisation of custom products) and specialists (plumber, glazer, metalworker, air-conditioning and ventilation installation maintenance workers);

- rebate programme enabling purchases of goods and services with a discount directly at Programme Partners (the offer includes e.g. rental of cars, conference and integration trip organisation, sale of motor parts, lighting accessories);

- special offers proposed by Programme Partners, including acquisition of goods and services at special rates, in limited volume, with an additional profit or under special conditions.

- This is another, modern product of Enea, connecting sales of energy with a package of services for small and medium enterprises. The special offer foresees joining the assistance insurance by customers choosing this product, and what is the most important, without additional charges - Grzegorz Kinelski, Enea's vice-president for commercial affairs, explains the advantages of Enea's new offer.

The Customers choosing the "Assistant Package" will gain a guarantee of support in emergencies in the company. In the case of an electrical installation failure, PZU SA will organise and bear the costs of an electrician's intervention in the company. In the case of a failure of a computer hardware or office appliances, a support of an IT technician or office equipment maintenance worker will be organised.

- Along with the reliable supplies of energy at fixed prices, we guarantee our Customer peace of mind and support in the case of unexpected events in the company - says Kinelski. - Running a business is not an easy matter, our "Assistant Package" will take off the liability for dealing with many issues putting off from everyday course of duties. Why being worried about things that specialists will manage instead of us quickly and efficiently so that we can normally go back to work - he adds.

Customers joining the "Assistance Package" programme will receive a membership card. Information on the current offer is available at www.enea.pl or under 22 505 16 88 hotline.

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