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Załom - Goleniów power line reconstructed. It is safer in Szczecin.

The third, already the last stage of the reconstruction of the high voltage line in Załom - Goleniów relation was completed. This is the key investment for the energy security of Szczecin agglomeration and the Zachodnipomorskie Province. Enea Operator opened another, over 20 km long, section of the high voltage line.

Works over the reconstruction of 110 kV line in Załom - Goleniów relation lasted from May 2015, i.e. they commenced immediately after the decision on the building permit became final. Thus, Enea Operator finally completed the reconstruction of a part of the high voltage conduit on Dąbie – Pomorska – Załom – Goleniów section. The investments will considerably improve the energy security not only for Szczecin agglomeration, but also a significant part of the Zachodnipomorskie Province. They will also improve the parameters of electricity and increase the possibilities of connecting new entities to the power grid of Enea Operator as well.

Over 20 km long 110 kV line in Załom - Goleniów relation was reconstructed compliant with the modern technical standards. The wire cross-section was also raised on the whole length of the line and the maximum temperature of their operation was raised. It allowed for the increase in the grid operation reliability, and a several-fold growth in its distribution capacities  All the works were performed by SAG Elbud from Gdańsk, keeping the natural environment protected.

Enea Operator allocated almost PLN 11 mln for the reconstruction of Załom - Goleniów line. A funding from the European Union was also obtained for the implementation of the investment in the amount of almost PLN 4 mln within the Regional Operational Programme of the Zachodniopomorskie Province for 2007-2013, Priority Axis 2 "Development of the transport and energy infrastructure", Measure 2.2. "Local energy infrastructure", Sub-measure 2.2.1 "Power grids".   

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