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The winners of the ENERGY+ !nnovations completion were selected

The very final included five projects which will compete for one million zloty. Their authors will now directly present the proposed technologies and solutions and the ideas will be subject to the final verification. The results of the competition will be announced on 30 October.

Over 30 projects were submitted to the competition. The competition jury composed of the representatives of Enea, Polish Institute of Research and Development and GIZA Polish Ventures, verified the applications as regards the innovativeness and competitiveness of the idea, possibility of being applied in the power sector within the area of generation, distribution or trade. The level of technological readiness in relation to the submitted solutions and the potential of their commercialisation and implementation were also verified. The structure of intellectual and industrial property was inspected and the attention was paid to the competences and complementarity of the team submitting the concept.

Meetings will be held in October during which innovators will present and discuss the submitted ideas before the competition jury. Due to the protection of personal information and keeping the confidentiality of submitted ideas, the detailed results of the first stage of the competition will be notified only to the people who are directly interested.

We remind that in the competition - ENERGY+ !nnovations announced in May we look for innovators and inventors with the ideas in the area of power engineering which may be implemented in the perspective of a maximum of 2-3 years. The winner will receive one million zloty to invest in the company in which the winning technology will be developed. The financing will come from various sources. Enea, Giza Polish Ventures and the Polish Institute of Research and Development will transfer PLN 200 thou. each in return for holding the shares in a technological company incorporated by the competition winner. Additionally, the project will receive a non-refundable financing in the amount of PLN 400 thou. from the National Centre for Research and Development. The winner of the competition will also receive a possibility of testing the author's technology within Enea Group's structures, business support of Enea and Giza fund and technological support of the Polish Institute of Research and Development.

The implementation of innovations and new technologies is one of the key factors affecting the enterprise competitiveness on the market. Enea understands that perfectly, realising the building of its competitive advantage through innovativeness, treating it as a significant development factor of a modern knowledge-based company. Innovations are one of the three new elements in Enea Group's strategy, which was updated in September.

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