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Record Enea Challenge Poznań

Enea Challenge Poznań 2015 was a record event. The biggest in Poland triathlon contest comprised e.g a record number of contestants, the shortest time in the history of the Polish triathlon competition, the volume of generated positive energy and a unique atmosphere over the Poznań Malta.

The event, which was held last weekend (24-26 July) in Poznań was a real sport holiday. All began already on Friday with the traditional contest for the youngest in Enea Tri Tour cycle. As many as 123 young contestants started in this year's Enea Challenge KIDS Triathlon. Positive sport emotions and a lot of smiles were good forecasters before the Saturday and Sunday rivalry. The same day, almost 100 challengers decided to take part in Enea Challenge Family Run and get to know the triathlon run track in start conditions. In the evening, before the audience which was abundant at the Regatta Track, Ray Wilson - a legendary Genesis singer performed. Energetic volume of rock in the best edition was a perfect introduction to what was to happen on Saturday and Sunday.

During the last weekend the triathlonists generated 22,453.6 lWh energy along with fans. The number comprised both the sport efforts of participants of Enea Challenge Poznań, and activities of fans having fun in the special fan zone. In ENERGY+ Active life everybody could feel as thriatlonists, after sport events from e.g. zumba, yoga, and taekwondoo they could go to a free Finisher Zone, where healthy snacks waited for them.

Additionally, each day of Enea Challenge Poznań it was possible to watch effective flyboard performances. On Sunday, just before the medium distance start, exceptional skills were shown by members of the acrobatic air group - Żelazny.

- Fans of Enea Challenge Poznań demonstrated that they really love triathlon. When somebody from the family rivalled on the track, the others used the proposals of an active time in ENERGY+ Active life Zone. This way all the families joined our action of breaking the record of the volume of generated energy - says Grzegorz Kinelski, vice-president of Enea for commercial affairs. - During the last weekend in Poznań a significant part of contestants were rookies, and the best example of that were ambassadors of Enea Tri Tour cycle, actors - Ilona Wrońska and Leszek Lichota. Here, they commenced their adventure with triathlon proving that it is a sport for everybody - he adds.

Polish triathlon in the world's elite

Over 300 sport enthiusiasts took part in Enea Challenge Poznań, which is an absolute record, as regards Polish triathlon competition. Almost 15% of contestants of the Poznań triathlon were women, and high positions in the general classification of such contestants, as Agnieszka Jerzyk, Ewa Bugdol or Ewa Komander demonstrate that triathlon is not only a men's sport. It is worth noting that again the winners on the shorter (Olympic) distance were: Agnieszka Jerzyk (Enea Tri Tour Team) and Dariusz Kowalski (Fabryka Triathlonu). And on the shortest of the distances (sprint), besides OPEN classification contest, also Polish Junior Championships were conducted. The winner, Jacek Krawczyk, commented on his start: - I am happy that I won Enea Challenge Poznań. It is a really incredible competition - good organisation, fans cheering on the whole track and mainly a possibility of starting with the best in the world. I hope that I will be able to rival some day as an equal with such contestants as Chris McCormack or Bart Aernouts.

The greatest sport event of Enea Challenge Poznań was the rivalry on the medium distance, during which a great performance of triathlon were given by the PRO contestants leading in the world. After a perfect fight and a great run after not the best swimming stage, Bart Aernouts won indisputably, who won with the time of 3:49:35. The present bronze medallist of the European championship won the best time in the history of the Polish competition on the medium distance. The best of Poles, Kacper Adam, took 11th place (4:01:31). - I have started for the first time in a triathlon event, which lasts for the whole weekend. I am happy that I could be a part of the competition. It may be seen that triathlon in Poland develops incredibly - says Bart Aernouts.

Emotions were also visible in the rivalry of women, during which two favourites could speak of a great misfortune - Jodie Swallow and Ewa Bugdoł. The Brit, due to technical reasons, was forced to leave the cycling track. And the Pole, after the swimming stage faced health problems, which disabled her to win the competition. With such a progress of events, a German contestant, Diana Riesler, won on the medium distance for the first time in history.

- I am embittered after my performance today. I do not hide that I counted on the 1st place, however my health condition did not let me to do that today. - I will be back next year to Poznań for the European Championship on the long distance. I will do anything to gain a golden medal for Poland in this event - she added.

Challenge Family settled in Poland

- If we were not hosting the Challenge Family event in Poznań, we would not be here. Due to the fact that we joined one of the most prestigious triathlon organisations in the world, we could host this year such contestants, as e.g. Jodie Swallow, Jodie Swallow, Chris McCormack, Bart Aernouts, James Cunnama, or Lothar Lederr - said Wojciech Kruczyński, president of Endu Sport and director of Enea Challenge Poznań.

A event of such a scale is also a great organisational challenge. During the whole weekend around 18,000 litres of beverages were used (water + isotonic drinks), 10,000 pieces of energetic gels, 600 kg of bananas or 2 tonnes of ice cubes. The vent this year was also a great general test before the next year's European Championships on the long distance in Poznań.

- The competition was perfectly organised and what's most important - Poznań demonstrated that it is a city of sports - said Zibi Szlufcik, President of Challenge Family. - We are looking forward to the European Championship on the long distance next year.

During the next year's competition amateurs will compete with contestants, therefore everybody will have a chance of checking themselves with the best contestants on the Old Continent.


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