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Insurance thanks to energy

Good insurance when making a bargain purchase of energy? ENEA's new offer gives such a possibility. The offer is proposed to individual Customers, consuming energy in the whole of Poland. It was prepared together with PZU SA.

ENERGY with INSURANCE is a special offer which may be used by new and existing Customers already from 12 November. On conclusion of the new agreement they will be guaranteed fixed prices of energy for at least 18 months and additionally, an insurance against loss of work and accident insurance.

A guarantee of a fixed, good price makes Customers independent from variable prices. Due to the insurance they may gain even PLN 600 e.g. for paying electricity bills, when their financial standing deteriorates (loss of work, long lasting sickness leave or stay at hospital as a result of an accident). The insurance covers also a wide assistance coverage, within which PZU will give instructions to Customers regarding severance payments they are entitled to and path of registering with the unemployment office. The Insurer will provide assistance as well on searching for a new job: Customer swill receive information on courses and trainings which may improve their competences, and they will even obtain advice on preparing a business plan or CV according to the latest principles and recruitment expectations.  PZU SA will also provide psychological assistance in overcoming the difficult situation. It will help find strengths and strategy of returning to the labour market which is adjusted to individual inclinations of the Customer. In conjunction with the image building specialist's support guaranteed within the insurance coverage, it will increase the chances not only for re-employment, but also for using new professional possibilities.

"Due to the experience on the energy market, we propose favourable offers to Customers and it is our advantage. We are convinced that the market will develop towards combined products. Customers expect from energy companies that they will take care not only for power supplies but also for their other needs related to home and safety. ENERGY WITH INSURANCE matches these expectations ideally" - emphasises Grzegorz Kinelski, Member of the Management Board for Commercial Affairs in ENEA.

It is another combined product prepared by ENEA. Earlier, the company offered ENERGY with an ACCOUNT successfully used by Customers already for several months. More information on the new offer to be found at found at ENERGY with INSURANCE.

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