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ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A. - construction of communication pylons is in progress

On the construction site of the new power unit in ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A. the piling process was completed. Fixing over 1,500 piles under the foundations was necessary in the case of the substrate that occurs on the area anticipated for the construction of the new generating unit.

Presently, works are in progress in connection with the construction of communication pylons between the future engine room and boiler house. On the surface hardened with piles main structures will be built for the new power unit of the power plant, e.g.: engine room, boiler house, electrical device facility, ash retention containers and the coal feed system. In over 107 m high pylons constructed with the slipform method there are staircases, elevator shafts and vertical channels for electrical cables and sanitary installations. Let us remind that even this year the construction will commence of the evaporating tower, foundations of the boiler and flue gas desulphurisation plant. In 2014 the assembly will commence of the boiler and engine room building structures. On subsequent stages the following will be realised: water preparation installation, electrostatic precipitator and coal feed site, in the middle of 2016 a trial start-up is planned. Energy from the new unit will supply the public power system in four years, in 2017.

The new power unit which is being constructed in Świerże Górne will have 1,075 MW capacity. Thanks to its parameters it will become a stabiliser of the public power system. After completion of the construction, ENEA Wytwarzanie S.A. will possess the largest, the most efficient and the most modern unit in Poland fired with bituminous coal.

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